2018 Mazda6 vs 2018 Honda Accord: Who Stays Ahead


It is not unknown to car enthusiasts that cars from different brands face tough competition from each other as they share almost the same features and price tag. This creates a confusion for the buyers to choose one. One good example of such tough a game is the 2018 Mazda6 vs 2018 Honda Accord comparison that has left many buyers wondering which would serve them better. To help them reach a conclusion they won’t regret later, here is our sincere effort to provide them a closer look at the similarities as well as the differences between these two vehicles.


If we start with safety, we get to see that in the Safety Front, both the cars share some similarities as well as differences as described below:


Both the models, Mazda 6 and the Accord have standardized driver and passenger safety features by installing front seatbelt pretensioners, airbags for the front, side-impact and head, height adjustable front shoulder belts, four-wheel antilock and crash mitigating brakes, electronic stability systems and traction control to prevent skidding, brakes, daytime running lights, rearview cameras and available lane departure warning systems.


the Mazda 6 is offering a standard Whiplash Reducing Headrests, that is specially designed to protect the driver and the front passenger from any whiplash. The feature comes to rescue when there is any unavoidable rear-end collision. In such situations, the system of Whiplash Reducing Headrests pushing the headrests forward to prevent neck and spine injuries. The Honda Accord is yet to offer such whiplash protection system.

The Mazda 6 Signature comes with a standard 360-degree View Monitor to make all the objects around the vehicle visible to the driver through a screen. The Accord doesn’t.


If we compare the engines then Mazda 6 Grand Touring and Signature trims, both come standard with a 2.5 turbo 4-cylinder enginethat can produce310 of torque than the Honda Accord that gives out 273 of it. Thus Mazda 6 stays ahead in this aspect by producing 37 lbs.-ft. more torque than the Accord’s 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine.

Fuel Economy

Mazda6 comes with an engine control system that shuts down half the cylinders of the engine to help improve the Mazda 6’s fuel efficiency. On the other hand the Accord doesn’t have that kind of a system installed yet. As a result, the Mazda 6 has more fuel capacity than the Accord and the difference is about 1.6 gallons with longer range of drive between fuel refills.


There are some differences in the ergonomics too, between the 2018n Mazda 6 and the Honda Accord. Here are few of them.

  • The Mazda 6has installed standard adaptive headlights to read vehicle speed and the steering wheel angle. The Honda Accord doesn’t.
  • According to the Chandler Mazda dealer, the Mazda 6 has enabled an automatic dimming rear and side view mirrors to help the driver from blinding lights. The Accord in comparison offers only an automatic rear view mirror, but they don’t dim.

The Verdict

The comparison made here is clearly indicative of Mazda 6 driving ahead of the Honda Accord in so many respects. We hope that helps the buyers to make their final choice among the two.

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