3 Reasons Why Buying a Used Instead Of a New Car Makes More Sense In The UK.


The old motor car that you have had for going on 10 years now has served you well but recently, it has been giving more trouble that it is worth. It starts sometimes and the heater stopped working months ago. It now seems to be in the mechanics garage more than it is actually on the road and it has become a liability and a bottomless money pit. You have thought about it and now, seems to be the right time to say goodbye and retire it to the breakers yard. It is a difficult time as we tend to have emotional attachments to our cars.

However, there is a second hand car out there just waiting for you to come along and pick it and finding it shouldn’t be an issue as you have the best used cars in Plymouth. New is not an option due to your budget but there are many good reasons why you should buy a used vehicle.

  1. You can buy the car with at least 30 % of the list price even if the car is only a year old. Once the previous owner drove out of the showroom, the price of the new car dropped immediately and you get to buy the car you want much, much cheaper.
  2. Used cars now go through so many checks by the dealer to make sure that they are mechanically sound. His reputation is at stake and with social media now, he needs to make sure that you drive away happy.
  3. A cheaper car means cheaper car insurance, so the premium will be lower than hat of a brand new vehicle.

Get yourself down to your used car dealer today and see the many bargains that they have available.

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