3 Things That Must Be Checked As Part Of the United Kingdom’s MOT Test.


If you are one of the many families in the United Kingdom that have at least one car, you will understand the benefits of having a car gives you. It is almost part of the family and it is the thing that gets the kids to school on time and it gets you to work on time also. If we want to get away for the weekend, we load up the car and off we go. However, once a year the trusty car has to pass a government mandated test for roadworthiness called the MOT test and if it fails, then you can’t drive the car.

If you are searching for an MOT garage in Cranleigh, there are a few of them and they provide great service to the average motorist. It is their job to get your car through the MOT test first time, so that you can get back on the road. An MOT test involves the following.

  1. Your engine has to do an emissions test to make sure that it stays within the guidelines. Your local mechanic will change the oil and filter and give the car a fine tune to make sure that it passes this test.
  2. All tyres must be in good condition and the threads have to be a certain depth in order to pass the test. If your car needs new tyres, your mechanic will let you know and hopefully will supply them as well.
  3. The brakes are an incredibly important part of the car and so the brake pads and brake lines will be checked for depth and rust. If they need attention or changing, the mechanic has this covered.

Once you start to take your car to your local MOT garage, the mechanic will learn about your car and be able to diagnose issues quicker.








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