6 Useful Tips to Buy a Perfect American Muscle Car


While thinking about importing an American muscle car to Australia, you may need to know and remember certain things.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

What is a Muscle Car?

The era of classic muscle cars started with the introduction of the 1964 big-engine Pontiac GTO and ended when the 1972 high-compression V-8s went into history.

Muscle cars were always made in the North America and are famous for how they were marketed rather than for any special feature they had.

They were sold as boisterous manifestations of the baby boom generation that was coming up during that period as the largest, richest and most self-obsessed group of population ever known to the US.

However, that doesn’t mean that this is the hard-and-fast definition of a muscle car. Sometimes Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Cobra are considered muscle while some others consider that they are sports cars.

In any case, apart from taking care of asbestos in imported cars according to Dazmac Logistics, you should look for the following things while planning to import an American muscle car.

1. Avoid Rust

While it’s expected to have some rust on any muscle car, there’s a great difference between a tiny amount of surface rust and untreatable deep corrosion.

That 1967 Camaro Z/28 having a bucketful of rust may be tempting; but are certainly going to have more fun with a regular 1967 Camaro sport coupe that is in much better condition.

2. Look for Alternatives

Rather than looking for an exclusive car which is sought after by everyone and so, is expensive, you can look for its alternatives, which are not only pretty cheaper, but has higher chances to drive better.

So, don’t set your heart on a specific muscle model, that’s virtually a definite way to get robbed.

3. Buy What You Want and Not What Others Want

It’s important to avoid buying a muscle car just because someone else has suggested you to buy it.

Never choose to buy any collector car without checking whether you are really passionate for it or someone else is.

Thus, if you were and are always passionate about a particular model and buy it despite knowing that its spare parts are impossible to find, when you get it perfect, it’s still an old car. But you have fun with it.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

4. Screw with Your Muscle Car

Once you choose Dazmac Logistics for American muscle car imports and get your car, you can make modifications to it.

For the most part, stock muscle cars are junk. They are not as speedy as their legends mention, they don’t handle well and they are constructed chaotically.

However, a remarkable aftermarket sector led by certain companies has built a critical mass of products that allow muscle cars to perform nearly as well as anyone may imagine.

Muscle cars do make amazing hot rods and perhaps that’s what you actually want.

5. Explore Vacant Lots

Your hunt for an old muscle car of your choice in dangerous alleys and murky barns can be more fruitful than a high-profile car show.

Detroit manufactured a number of these cars and you can still get good ones of them. So, rather than looking for a pristine museum piece, look for a car that you could love having out in a jungle waiting for you to blow dry leaves out of it.

6. Be True to Yourself

If you are indeed an expert body man, good mechanic and have a well-equipped workshop of your own in the house, get a cheap car, remodel it and have fun.

However, don’t imagine doing anything you’ve never tried before or having skills you’ve never tested.

Have a perfect muscle car of your choice with these tips and enjoy your purchase.

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