All you need to know about Caravan Insurance


Caravans are designed for individuals who love spending their time on the road and do not prefer stopping at hotels. The interest in Caravan has soared during the last decade as more and more people began to explore cities and countries themselves. Caravan Insurance sounds like a useless addon that piles up the insurance premiums. In reality, a well-customized caravan is of a lot more value than you may think, and getting it insured is the only way to secure your equipment.

What kind of cover does Caravan Insurance provide?

Insurance policies differ from company to company. Every insurance firm offering Caravan Insurance must cover most, if not all of the situations mentioned below.

  • Loss or damage Cover

Your Caravan Insurance must cover unintentional loss or damage to the vehicle by fire, environmental damage like floods, earthquakes, storms and theft, and vandalism.

  • Choice of cover

Your Caravan Insurance must present a choice for the cover options, namely the ‘New for Old’ and ‘market value’. A ‘New for Old’ cover will fetch you the same monetary value for your Caravan even after a decade. The ‘market value’ cover will only provide compensation as per the present market value of the Caravan.

  • Contents Cover

The caravan is all about luxurious living and top-notch amenities. Your Caravan Insurance must provide a contents cover to insure the expensive contents are stored and fitted inside the vehicle.

  • Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage is also needed as Caravans can break and get damaged while towing on difficult roads.

Types of Caravan Insurance

Yes. There are a variety of Caravan Insurance options that can be broadly clubbed into the following three categories:

  • Touring Caravan Insurance

This insurance is suited for caravans that are continuously towed by the owner and are always on the road.

  • Static Caravan Insurance

This insurance covers the caravans parked in fixed locations such as resorts, beach locations, holiday inns, etc.

  • Trailer Tent and Folding Caravans

Folding caravans do not fit into the conventional insurance covers and require a customized insurance plan.

Pro tips to lower your Caravan Insurance premium

  • Increase the security of your caravan by installing wheel clamps and hitch posts. This will save you the effort of running for a fresh installation to meet the insurance prerequisites.
  • Always park your caravan in an approved caravan storage site as they are responsible for its safety.
  • Include a tracker installation to always stay ahead of theft and vandalism incidents and also save a considerable amount on premium.

There are many informational blogs that can provide information about Caravan insurance. Read more about the caravan insurance before choosing one.

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