An Ultimate Guide to Choose Your Right Option among SUVS, Cars, and Trucks


With so many options available today, picking a right vehicle may be very confusing for some buyers. However, the following article will greatly help you in choosing one that best suits your needs.

When to choose a car?

If fuel efficiency is your top priority, a car can be a great option for you. The difference between cars and trucks in terms of fuel efficiency is that the SUVs and trucks are usually equipped with the larger engines that consume ample gas. On the other hand, cars can normally offer you 30-40 MPG in the city.

Cars can also prove to be easier to drive as compared to SUVs. They are usually compact with less ground clearance. You can park them easily due to their small size. Moreover, cars even offer good passenger comfort. A sedan offers comfortable seating up to six people with plenty of arm and leg room.

However, it should be noted that cars are generally not adapted for the off-road driving. They also lack the cargo space.

In which cases an SUV can be a better option?

An SUV offers great safety, especially in the winter season. They also offer better visibility as compared to the cars. They are easily adapted to the off-road driving that generally cars lack. Moreover, they have great towing capacity as compared to cars. However, they will not be able to transport heavy equipment like the trucks can.

They also have better passenger capacity and can also offers more comfort than the trucks. However, they may lack cargo space of truck.

While opting for SUV, it should be noted that they consume more gas than the cars, but offers similar gas mileage in the cities. So, in case you mostly have work around the town, you don’t need to worry about the extra gas.

If your work relates to transporting heavy equipment that a SUV may not deliver, trucks can be a better option. All you need to choose is the right size of the bed to transport anything that you want.

There is always a right choice for everyone. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best type of vehicle for you.

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