Are Electric Cars Necessary For 2020?


Over the past few years, the rise in consumers purchasing electric cars for both business and pleasure purposes has rapidly increased. Whether it’s a purely electric car – or a hybrid model – there’s no doubt these cars are better for the environment in many ways. And with a 236.4% rise year-on-year of sales of electric vehicles and ev charging cables UK, it’s safe to say that electric cars are likely to be the future of motoring for many people. Find out why electric cars are necessary for 2020 and beyond.

Good For The Environment

One of the unique selling points of electric cars is that they are ‘greener’ than traditional cars; something incredibly important that could help the climate emergency. It’s no secret that climate change has been affected by the sheer number of cars worldwide that produce fossil fuels and gas. Electric cars do not give off these harmful fuels, as they emit zero tailpipe emissions. Of course, they need to be charged – and ideally all electric energy would be entirely renewable – but even so, electric cars are a far more environmentally sound mode of transport, when compared to traditional, fuel consuming cars.

Cheaper & More Accessible For Drivers

The electricity it takes to charge and run an electric car is much less of a cost than the equivalent petrol or diesel a traditional car requires. Of course, an electric car is a larger investment in the first place in many cases, but this cost ‘evens out’ when the savings across the years are taken into consideration. Another financial reason that electric cars will continue to grow in popularity in the near future is the fact that many electric cars may now start being sold as second hand – and therefore at a lower price – meaning a larger portion of the potential market may finally be able to purchase one. Because of the positive effect on the environment, the government has also introduced some tax breaks for owners of electric cars, that are likely to increase as the years go on, to encourage more drivers to purchase electric cars – another reason electric vehicles can become a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Growth in Charging Point Access

Because of the boom in electric motors, many businesses, car parks and places of work and leisure have installed charging access points onto their premises, totally free for drivers to use. This is to encourage business at their shops and restaurants, but also to reward electric car drivers for the positive implications their choices will have on the environment. This is great for drivers, as it means they can charge their cars totally free of charge, at many places. Drivers can often hook their cars up to charge and then go shopping or out for a meal at the establishment they have parked up at – and will come back to a fully charged car.

They’re Improving Yearly

When electric cars were first introduced to the market, many people had ‘range anxiety’, that the battery would run out before the driver finished their journey. This would leave you stranded; understandable that you may worry! But this isn’t the case any more. As the years go on and the technology becomes more and more advanced, electric cars can go further than ever before – meaning no even lengthy journey should be affected by battery life. In addition to this, hybrid cars can use petrol too when the battery is used up, which means there are multiple options for worried drivers!

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