Basics things to consider before you buy a bike light


The particular use should determine the perfect choice it’s purposed for, but it’s advisable to look for a bike headlight that perfectly suits a specific need. Bike lights Australia online store has the best varieties of headlights you can choose for your bike or any other requirement. However, you should consider the following features before you buy any headlight:


Light brightness is typically measured in Lumens. In comparison, the average brightness of car light is nearly 700 lumens. On the other hand, bike light varies from 15 to 1600 or even more, depending on the light intensity. Based on this fact, you can choose a suitable light brightness for your bike.

On-Road Cycling: doesn’t require a bright headlight; a bright headlight for bikes perfectly works in off-road cycling. You need to be clearly seen by the total traffic around you. Street lights don’t lit some sections of the road.

Off-road cycling

Off-road cycling, brighter light is much needed to allow a clear view of the hazards ahead. Let’s say, for instance, likely no lighting in an area where you are heading. So you have to choose a brighter light that will light you way safely cycle in the direction you are heading. The following Aspects you should consider before buy a bike light:

Side-on Visibility

Side-one Visibility is another factor you need to consider. It should always be good to be visible both at the back and front, but also you need to be seen by traffic on every side. Most bikes come with leakage factor build-in a light emits ahead of the cycle. Alternatively, it would help if you depended on a good bright light that attaches to a bike’s spokes offer high side-on visibility.

Connecting your bike light

Another factor you need to consider is how difficult or easy it’s to connect your bike headlight. Another light comes with rigid fixing while others with flexible ones. The headlight should be easier to connect; otherwise, you will experience difficulties, especially while connecting the lights in the darkness.

The time battery takes to charge

Based on the light you get to achieve, you should also consider the longer time it can take to charge. If you’re using the bike for a regular commute, it can be easier to charge while at work. Other bike battery can be charged faster for several hours, while others can take five hours.

Discharge time

Another factor you should consider is also based on discharge time; a good headlight battery should last long enough before it is completely drained. It should last longer as your journey that you don’t have to come along with a backup battery or headlight. Visit the bike lights Australia website and have the varieties of the best you can choose from.

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