Best Pickup Truck Bumper Replacement Brands


Pickup trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles with their structural components. You can use them for various purposes and can perform seamlessly even with long distances. However, dirt accumulation in the front bumper can become aesthetically unpleasing and cause critical safety issues. As such, it is a must to equip your truck with only the top-quality front bumpers.

If you’re looking into replacing your truck bumpers with something that combines fashion and durability, read on below:

Where to Get the Best Truck Bumpers Replacement

Replacing your truck bumpers with a better model can cause you some money. However, keep in mind that these bumpers’ primary purpose is to protect you from potential crashes or accidents. Hence, you should think about buying a new bumper as insurance for your safety.

Note that there are different sizes of bumpers for different truck sizes. Make sure to do your research beforehand before purchasing and installing them.

With that, here is a guide on where you can get the best truck bumpers in the market:

Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand offers various truck bumpers series that many drivers put their trust on. You can choose from among the top three Ranch Hand bumpers below:

  • Rand Hand Grille Guard: With a focus on the grille and fog lights, this replacement bumper prevents debris from damaging the grill’s airway and blocking lights.
  • Ranch Hand Smooth Steel: This replacement bumper focuses on balance without compromising personalization.
  • Ranch Hand BullNose: This replacement bumper puts focus on the bumper’s middle bullnose piper.

While these models are not heavy duty, they can still provide protection from crashes.


Steelcraft is famous for its HD series front bumper replacement. For these models, you either attach or bolt them directly to the bumper frame. It doesn’t block fog lights and can even cater to tow hooks.


Hammerhead is a popular truck part provider in the U.S. The brand provides a range of Non-Winch or Front Winch bumpers that fits various truck models, regardless of their build or age. Hammerhead continues to be a popular brand because of its durable and robust replacement front bumpers. Installation is also easy, and you won’t have to weld, cut, or drill on your truck’s grille or hood.

Road Armor

If you want more choices for your front bumper replacement, Road Armor is your best bet. They offer four front bumper series, namely Stealth, iDentity, Vaquero, and Sahara. Here are the highlights of the four Road Armor replacement bumper series:

  • Stealth: Lightweight bumpers with smooth steel
  • iDentity: Versatile bumpers for all types of terrains
  • Vaquero: Has a sturdy grille guard that mimics a ranch look
  • Sahara: Has compartments for utility and best for off-road driving

Iron Cross Automotive

Iron cross Automotive is the final brand for our best replacement truck bumpers. All their front jumper replacements have undergone state-of-the-art technology with modern designs. The colors available for Ironcross Automotive replacement bumpers are Matte Black, Gloss, and Primer. It provides top-notch protection for your truck’s headlights, grille, and hood. Plus, you can customize the front bumper replacement to your heart’s content.

The Right Time to Replace Your Truck Bumpers

While trucks come with a default bumper upon purchase, you can’t choose its quality and style. If you ever wonder if truck bumpers can be repaired, well, yes! But it is recommended to replace your bumper rather than repairing it. So long as you have the budget, it’s always a good idea to invest in a truck bumper replacement. It’s always best to keep a replacement bumper in stock in your truck for emergency cases. For instance, when met with a crash or road accident, you can easily replace your bumpers with your regular vehicle tools.

You should also make sure to immediately replace your bumper with a new one if it has been damaged from a crash. While you may not see visible damage after the hit, there may be more damage to other parts of the bumper. Hence, you will put your safety in line if you leave your damaged bumper without replacement.

Your front bumper acts as a shield from potential harm to you and further damage to your truck. Never settle with a low-quality truck bumper replacement. To ensure your safety and your truck’s protection, make sure that you are equipped with the best truck bumper replacement.  

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