Buying a Second Hand Static Caravan


We have the information that can help you decided on the correct second hand static caravan for your needs from the wide selection of choices and price ranges available. Just like in all matters that involve the exchanging of money, you generally get what you pay for.  When you decide and buy, then start  comparing  static caravan insurance costs in order to find the best deal.

The Location of the Used Static Caravan

Nearly all static caravans that are being resold on the market are already in a holiday park while a few might be on the owner’s property, but this is rare. Because of this and the costs of relocating a used static caravan, when selecting one not only does the prospective buyer have to consider the condition of the caravan, but also its present location.

The holiday park should be should be in a physical location convenient to the new owner so access is possible when they desire to escape. One other consideration is the possibility of flooding of the park that could damage the unit.

If the location is satisfactory then the cost of the annual pitch fees should be known along with availability of gas, water and electricity. Some places do not have permanent natural gas lines so portable tanks will be required for cooking and heating.

Moving a Static Caravan

Moving a used or new static caravan has costs associated with it. When the caravan is wider than 7 ½’ a commercial vehicle must be used for transporting it and the cost begin to rise. The price goes up further for caravans that are wider than 12’ and the law that requires an escort vehicle is used. The larger the static caravan is and the farther it has to be transported are the factors into the final cost of moving it.

A small caravan can cost under £100 if the relocation is less than 100 miles. Larger caravans can cost up to and beyond £600 to move.

Inspecting the Unit

There are many different facets of an inspection that should be carried out. For those not experienced or comfortable in carrying this task out an adviser should accompany them to assist in the inspection.

  • Checking for Dampness

Moisture is the biggest threat to a used caravan. Upon entering one should notice if the floor gives or feel soggy that is caused by moisture in the floor panels.

The inside of cupboards, lockers, in the corners and round the doors and windows should be inspected for water damage.

The smell of the interior should also be observed if a musty odor is present. This could indicate mold being present and the used caravan should be avoided.

The cost of repairing water damage is higher than the value of the unit.

  • Security

The windows and doors of the unit must be in proper working condition. Cracked windows will be expensive to replace. Windows and doors that stick indicate the possibility of moisture damage in the past. The locking mechanisms must be intact to help prevent a break in. These are also expensive to replace if they can be found.

  • Frame and Accessories

The water lines, gas lines if present and the frame of the caravan should be in good condition and free of recent repairs. New paint, fresh undercoating and new components in the pipes are indications of recent repairs.  If these things are noticed make an inquiry about them.

  • VIN Check

All vehicles including static caravans have a VIN number. This is located on the frame and on some on a window. By running a check on the unit, the proper identification of the owner will be revealed.

These are the most important factors when considering the purchase of a static caravan for use as a holiday get away. To help protect your investment remember to obtain adequate insurance coverage.

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