Depend on Honda Motorcycles to Travel Safely


According to a recent memo released by the British Prime Minister, individuals could ride a motorcycle without any restrictions on the distance to any open space. This opens up a new window for people who do not want to travel in public transport out of the fear of contacting the dangerous Corona virus. According to the memo, people should only travel with their family members and not with friends or in groups. However, choosing a suitable motorcycle is a headache with so many brands available on the market. One has to take into account the aesthetics of the motorcycle, its navigability, its price, ease of use, and the number of kilometres in can travel on a litre of petrol. The good news is that Honda scores high on all these parameters. We shall briefly discuss why it ranks higher than motorcycles of other brands of the same class does not compare well with Honda. In fact, no other brand offers as much value for your money as Honda does. In this article, we shall briefly compare Honda with Yamaha.

Yamaha and Honda 125CC motorbikes comparison

When it comes to comparing user-friendly bikes, we decided to pit the Yamaha R125 with the Honda CB125R. Both of them have a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 125 CC. The power of both is the same. The Yamaha model is slightly faster, but speed is not the sole concern. We want to compare weight and price too. On the one hand, the weight and price of the Yamaha model are 125 kilograms and £4,500, respectively. On the other hand, the price and the weight of the Honda model are 130 kilograms and £4,300. Because of its additional weight the Honda is more stable on the road and while navigating sharp turns, and the difference of £200 means a lot for the first time purchaser. The Honda also scores higher of the power to weight comparison, making it a clean winner.

The best bike

With the CB125R, Honda has cleverly fused retro and modern styling into a thoroughly up to date bike. It boasts of wavy discs, decent brakes and suspension, LED lighting all around, a cool LED headlight, and an awesome exhaust tucked under the bike for optimum mass centralisation. Those who have purchased and used this bike say that it is a mature looking bike with premium build quality and a unique design. The latest avatar of this model produces more power and the power output is 15 PS. It also boasts of good looks, all digital instrument console, USD front forks, and dual channel ABS.

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