Difference between Nano Ceramic Coating, Teflon Coating and Waxing


A coating protects your car’s surface against multiple weathering elements. It also helps your car maintain a smooth and clean finish for a longer period. With the growth of the automotive industry, we now see multiple different types of coating in the market. Out of these options, the Nano ceramic coating, Teflon coating and Waxing are the 3 most popular options today.

Let us understand the key differences between the Nano ceramic coating, Teflon coating and Waxing.

Nano Ceramic Coating

The Nano ceramic coating is the costliest option on the list. However, the long-term advantages that you get with it make it extremely popular. Unlike the other two options, Nano ceramic coating can last for the entire lifetime of the car if you maintain it properly. With the right kind of regular maintenance, the Nano ceramic coat will last at least 5-6 years.

Another great benefit of the Nano ceramic coating is that it is nearly 10 times thicker than a conventional Teflon coat. The Teflon coat is usually 0.02 microns thick whereas the Nano ceramic coat is usually 2 microns thin. The Nano ceramic coat is a type of ceramic clear coat that preserves the look of your car. Therefore, it looks great on both matte as well as glossy paints finish.

Teflon Coating

A Teflon coating is not as costly as a Nano ceramic coating. However, it is still costlier than the conventional waxing process. A Teflon coat lasts for up to 6 months. With regular maintenance, it may last up to 1 year. Car owners usually need to get a Teflon coating treatment annually. The Teflon coating does not form a chemical bond with the surface of your car,unlike Nano ceramic coating. Therefore, it does not offer a corrosion prevention feature.


Waxing is an extremely affordable process and you can do it at your home. It makes your car look cleaner and fresher. The maintenance time for your car reduces considerably after waxing since dust and dirt do not stick to it easily.

Choosing the Right Coat with Ceramic Pro

At Ceramic Pro, we have multiple SGS certified products for coating your car with wax, Teflon and Nano ceramic materials. We have access to high-tech coating materials and professional staff who can complete the entire coating process with a couple of days. Our team can help you choose the right kind of coating treatment for your car depending on your type of use and budget.

We offer affordable, permanent and an international level of coating treatment for your car. The maintenance and cleaning time for your car will reduce considerably after you get the right kind of coating for it from Ceramic Pro. To get the more information you can visit http://ceramicpro.co.in/ .

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