Do you plan to rent a car soon? Points to consider


The availability of the car depends on the additional info where you want to rent it; it is possible that the type of vehicle you want is not available. But calm, that if the reservation is confirmed what they usually do is leave you at the same price a car of superior category. If at the time of making the reservation the type of car you are looking for is not available, you can choose to change the collection point of the vehicle to another one that can provide it, change the collection date for one in which you have it or look for another vehicle company. Now, keep in mind that when you choose a vehicle what you are deciding are its characteristics and not the specific model. lax car rental

Types of rental cars

Once you have decided where you want to pick up the vehicle and where to deposit it, the next thing to keep in mind is the car in question. So that the rent does not suppose a loss of money and fulfills its function you must choose the car that you want conscientiously taking into account the function for which you need it, the people that you are going to occupy it … in short, what do you expect from that car.

Take into account the categories of the cars, the characteristics of them and their features so that the one you choose is the right one for you and the function you intend to give them. The price you will have to pay will depend on the number of days you rent it, as well as the type of car you choose , among other issues.

Fuel policy

Another differential factor between some companies in the sector and others is the fuel policy. The general rule is that the vehicle has to be returned with the same amount of fuel that was collected, but each company has its own rules regarding the refueling of your fleet and you have to adjust to them. There are several options related to refueling the vehicle.

Delivery and return with full deposit (Full / full)

some companies deliver the vehicle with the full deposit and charge the users a deposit that is returned upon delivery on the last day. This is the most recommended option since you will avoid having to pay extra surcharges!

Prepaid with reimbursement:

it is also possible to receive it and deliver it empty or with the same amount of fuel. At the time of collecting the car you must pay the price of a fuel tank plus a fee. In case you deliver it full you will be refunded what you paid for the deposit but if you do not return it full you will be reimbursed the proportional part that the company estimates.

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