Expats In The country Must Renew Driving Licences After 2 Yrs


Any European people, who’re dwelling in The country for over a duration of 2 yrs, are certain to renew their existing driving licences according to the brand new EU rules.

Based on the released online pr release, what the law states arrived to pressure inside a recent meeting concerning the renewal from the existing driving licences under new EU rules backward and forward parties. The main one party is The spanish language traffic authority and yet another may be the reps in the consulates from the 28 European member states.

Just the official resident of The country, living for that duration of several years with effect in the beginning of 19th The month of january, 2013 are coming underneath the implementation from the EU people rule.

The one who gets a property certificate following this date is going to be susceptible to be restored 2 yrs after first becoming resident. Thus, should you be a resident in The country around the date of 21st of Feb 2014, then after just 2 yrs, around the date of 21st of Feb 2016, according to the The spanish language government bodies, you’ll be prone to renew your driving license.

The rule is however put on fifteen years or even more licences for motorcycles and cars of Group 1 type and 5 year licences Group 2 bigger vehicle groups.

How you can Affect Renew Your Licence:

The First Step: Visit the The spanish language traffic authority website or give them a call on 060.

Second Step: After making the contact, you have to renew your licence around the second appointment. For your you have to have a fundamental aptitude and fitness test.

For using for any new licence, you’ll need the below documents:

One photograph

Duly filled application


Address Proof

Original driving licence together with a replica copy

Delivery of the renewal fee of €23.50

Listed here are the questions which is requested for you when you are using a brand new driving licence the very first time.

The test of driving ability questions are also called the show me, let me know questions.

A few of the ‘show me’ questions that the examiner would request are as below.

Show how you can make sure that the directions indications work?

Show how does one realize that the brake lighting is employed by this vehicle?

Let you know that you’d make sure that the energy aided steering is working before you begin your trip?

How does one look into the parking brake for excessive put on?

How does one turn on the windshield and wipers and just what will it do?

A few of the ‘Tell me’ questions that the examiner would request are as below.

How does one check before an outing the brakes will work?

Identify in which the windshield water reservoir is and let you know that to determine the windshield washer level?

How tyre demands ought to be checked where can you learn more for suggested tyre demands?

How can you make certain the mind restraint is properly modified to supply the very best protection?

How can you look into the tyres to make sure that their general condition is dependable on road?

The aim of using the rule is to guarantee the implementation of standardization for the whole The country to make use of exactly the same EU style driving licence together with growing road safety aspect.

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