Factors to Consider When Buying All Season Tyres


The tyres of your car need to be changed after every 30,000-40,000 kilometres. There are many famous brands in this space, selling a range of different kinds of tyres. One of the most popular brands in the UK is Giga tyres. The company sells all season tyres that are designed to maximise road grip, improve performance and give you better stability in harsh conditions. Buying the right tyres for your car is essential if you want a smooth drive. Most people don’t really know much about which tyre is suited for their vehicle. If you are in the market for new tyres, here’s a brief guide that may help you out:

Does The Tyre Brand Play a Role?

Is there a need to buy a branded tyre? Even though most people might say otherwise, you should definitely go for branded tyres for your car. Companies such as Giga Tyres have built a reputation in the market for providing high quality tyres. Branded companies pay more attention to detail and, due to their larger budgets, are able to provide better quality. The tyres may cost you a bit more than the unbranded ones, but at least they will last longer and provide better performance.

Road Resistance

Another thing that you need to consider is the road resistance ratios of your tyre. Many all season tyres are designed with specific treads that minimise road resistance during the summers (on clearer roads), and increase resistance during the winter. Road resistance can impact fuel economy considerably. If the tyres are more road resistant, the engine will have to provide more power to make the wheel turn.

Many companies now offer tyres that have minimal road resistance. You should know, however, that these tyres are much thinner than the ordinary ones. They are more prone to getting punctured if something sharp is sticking out on the road. If you are looking to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy, you should opt for tyres that offer lower road resistance. You can look at websites such as Tirendo in order to compare prices and read about different types of tyres.


The treads of the tyre can have a huge impact on how your drive. For instance, poorly designed treads will not provide proper road grip, and the tyres may not hold up when you turn sharply. Before buying any kind of tyres, you should take a close look at the treads and make sure that the indents are clearly cut out.

Manufacturing Date

What happens to rubber if it is left out in the open for a year or more? It turns slimy and cannot be used again. Tyres are also made from rubber. When you are in the market to buy tyres, the first thing that you should check is the manufacturing date. Do not buy tyres that are older than a year. Many tyres have the manufacturing date mentioned in weeks and years. Thus, the number “2315” would mean that the tyre was manufactured in the 23rd week of 2015. It’s important that you keep these factors in mind when buying new tyres. Websites such as Tirendo include complete details of their inventory, so make sure you take a close look when buying.

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