Fees involved in car title loans


When you are in a hurry and feel an undeniable need of money car title loans California has got you covered! Car title loans are ideal for customer such as yourself. They are fast, they are easy and they are hassle-free.

What if I have Bad Credit Score?

Financial uncertainties and difficulties can be subdued with the correct solutions. Credit or background check is not a thing when it comes to car title loans California. All you need is a car with clear title and you are good to go. Your car would be evaluated against its current value after approval the amount is paid to you as loan and your car title would be kept as collateral. Once the loan is paid in full you will get back the car title without any problem.

Fees involved in car title loan

Just like any other loans car title loans California involves fees such as;

  • Processing fee – Filling the paperwork and processing the files involves a standard processing feel that needs to be paid.
  • Lien fee – Auto lien represents the lender’s claim over vehicle legally. Most lending companies pass over this fee to the borrower.
  • Early repayment fee – Car title lenders earn their profit from the interest charged on their loans. Early payment disturbs this arrangement, lenders charge this penalty to retrieve what was lost on the interest as a part of early payment.
  • Late Fees – Similar to other loan agreements, late fees applies to car title loan repayments.

Is car title loan right for me?

If you are in a need of fast cash and you have a car sitting around in your garage, there is nothing that can go wrong with car title loans California. All you need is few documents that includes your ID proof, car insurance papers, some proof of residence and a document such as your Bank account statement that can be used as a proof of income and a figure in your mind that you want to borrow. Your car will be used as a collateral against the amount you are approved to borrow after an evaluation of the current value of your car.

Car title loans are short term, high value loans available for anybody who has money on their mind and a car in their garage. These loans were designed by keeping such borrowers in mind who need quick yet large amount of money for shorter periods of time. The typical time period involved in such loans is one month or less. However, a borrower can extend this interval as long as he is okay with paying high interest rates.

Final Thoughts

Car title loans exists because they fill a niche in the financial structure and serves a purpose. In some difficult circumstances, car title loan can be the only option available for the borrower. If you borrow only that is currently needed and have a plan to repay within time, these loans can actually serve an important purpose for your quick need.

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