Fix Your Torn Leather Car Seat- DIY


When you are having a luxury car you would surely want to have the inner of your car looks cool as well. You would have modified your interior but what if any of your leather seat is torn by your pet or child or due to some other reason? Shall I sell my car? No, that seems rather stupid. You can easily fix your car seat. Here are the means of fixing the torn vehicle seat, and how you can do likewise so that you won’t think to sell your car in Dubai. Have a look at the tips and tricks.


There are the flat panels on these leather seats of the animal’s skin, and the sides are shading coordinated vinyl, as a result of its better adaptability. We found that a portion of the obvious soil in the grain was really split and harmed calfskin, which would require a re-color or shading coat (which we may endeavor sometime in the future). You must clean the seat to remove any type of chemicals that may have been applied to the surface. Since water and oil don’t blend, silicone-based or oil medicines are the foe.


When the material is completely cleaned and scoured, the next step is applying meager layers of a fixing compound with a palette blade between the torn edges of the vinyl onto the white sponsorship material. The edges are not really combined, as in sewing together a torn bit of texture. After short warming from a warm weapon to fix the fix, apply a bit of adaptable material with a grain engrave that confers a coordinating surface to the smooth surface of the fix. When that dries, clean the surface once more, and apply a vinyl-preparing compound to guarantee the shading will follow appropriately.

Color Spray

When you are done with the fixation of the seat, you should apply the color coat on the seat. Investigation with a couple of various mixes of tints from containers of color to attempt to get the specific shade. It assists with mixing the hues together. This sort of fix, which should be possible on an assortment of delicate and hard plastics, alongside cowhide upholstery, is something other than a fasten in time. With a touch of shading sense and creativity, your fix can look all-around great.

Complete Process

You can sell any car Dubai if you want to buy a new one, but you don’t have to sell it due to these small issues or maintenance. Follow the steps and get your torn leather seats repaired.

  • Inspect the Damage properly from where the seat is torn
  • Clean the area of the seat
  • Begin with the patching of seat
  • Use a heat gun to sure and then add material to fix
  • Then dry the place affected
  • Now, join the torn part and apply the glue
  • Add the cleaner and the vinyl for the color coat to be fixed.
  • Do a color spray and make sure to match the color.
  • After the color is dried, now apply the conditioner to the leather seat.

The repair is done with all these steps and you don’t have to bother more about the torn seat of your car. Sell your car in Dubai by placing an online ad and cash your car with a handsome profit.

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