Fleet Operators Reach The Zenith Of Excellence With The Trustworthy ELD Devices


The ELD devices have become indispensable in fleet operating business because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA makes no distinction between large and small trucking companies, therefore, even small scale carriers and smaller trucking firms have to comply with the ELD mandate.

The necessity to comply with the ELD mandate is, however, not the only reason to keep trucking ELD devices in the commercial motor vehicles all over the USA but here are other reasons and advantages for installing this device. The ELD software is easy to install and user friendly, equipped with Bluetooth and compatible with a wide range of commercial vehicles.

The ELD or Electronic Logging Devices cater to all the needs of today’s growing fleet operators. Automated, accurate and real time tracking of the hours of service or HOS of the drivers, detailed recording of the duration of operation of each running vehicle that helps in calculating the fares or generating a cost of the distance travelled by the particular vehicle, preparing meticulous report of the work status of each commercial motor vehicle, securing audit log procedure and capturing the power status, motion status and current location of the same are a handful of the several benefits of this gadget.

An ELD is effectively accessible from anywhere at any time via the internet and does not require an expensive IT base to be set up for its functioning. It gives time to time update about acceleration, mileage; distance covered and fuel utilization by the vehicle engine. The color-coded warning flags inform the owner carriers and drivers about any violation or glitch in the vehicle engine in advance thus enhancing security, reducing inspection time and avoiding, delays, equipment failures, cancellations and lost revenue. The user gets ready-to-use software that has a Pre Arrival Processing System (PAPS), Pre Arrival Review System (PARS), and Proof of Delivery (POD) etc. The product server support basic vehicle and driver set up while maintaining reports of each vehicle and driver and guarantees compliance.

The high end services provided by the ELDs allow the drivers to log in and choose the option of On-Duty, Off-Duty or Not Driving and On-Duty during their hours of service. Besides preparing a detailed record of the daily performance of the vehicle and the driver the device also displays a documentation of duty position graphically making it convenient for the driver to see the hours worked in the day thereby helping the drivers to work on rotational shifts. The obtained records can be saved on smartphones and computers in various formats for a period of six months.

Installing ELDs from a reputed company, especially those that are registered and self – certified with FMCSA, allow users to be authorized on the website of the FMCSA via FMCSA login.

It also helps in reducing fuel costs by controlling excessive vehicle downtimes and spare time. These modern gadgets resort to automated documentation and render unreliable manual logs useless.

The most important function of a reliable ELD is perhaps keeping the owner operator updated in terms of the government rules and regulations. Distinguished companies like ELD Mandate work hard to develop a user friendly app that can be used by truck drivers with no prior training. Such companies also stick to pricing their products economically to assist small commercial vehicle carriers along with giant fleet owners.

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