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We get what we pay for. For wealthy car nuts, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars means getting ludicrous amount of speed, industry leading technology and prestige! There elegant and exquisite performance auto parts make them one of a kind!

2017 has reached it’s mid and we have seen the launch of amazing jaw dropping cars by Auto Giants at various international auto shows. And you have full right to imagine yourself in one of these expensive cars.

2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S volante

Aston Martin has entered the new era with the car that sits on an architecture that already has been replaced which is still powered by the glorious V12 that has been used by Aston for two decades.

Its 5.9 L V12 engine has been tuned to 580HP and 465 Lb Ft of torque using eight speed automatic transmissions. Vanquish is said to have a top speed of 201 Mph and achieves 0-62mph in just 3.5seconds!

Its aerodynamic focused design gets its interior complete with Strathmore enhanced grain leather upholstery with matching stitching and embroidered headrests, satin chrome bright work and Rokona headliner for the convertible top. This car is hugely desirable and sticks closest to the values that made Aston great!

Price- $312950

2017 Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga is the most luxurious, hand built, all- terrain vehicle on earth. Bentayga is reckoned as world’s fastest SUV ever built. And why so? Well, its twin turbo 6.0 Litre W-12 engine that gives output of 600 HP and 664 Lb-ft torque and an eight speed automatic drive make it possible. Its 187 mph top speed is the highest on record for a vehicle of that type.

The Bentayga’s interior with spectacular leather extends all the way down the doors and over the entire headliner. Other elegant details include jewellery holder that clips into front cup holders, the artfully rendered interior door handles, analog gauges. What’s cool is, there is a built in selfie app into android tablets of the rear seat entertainment system.

But get ready to pay extra $7900 for safety assist such as cruise control, lane keeping assist, night vision and head up display.

Price- $285114

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S

The Lamborghini’s Aventador supercar has come in the market with a comprehensive update. The ‘S’ is the suffix of previous enhanced generations and defines a new benchmark for the V12 Lamborghini.

The Aventador S benefits from its twelve cylinders, 6.5 L engine which outputs an additional 40HP over its predecessor to a maximum 740 HP with a 690 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm.

Its design results in significantly enhanced aerodynamics performance. The front down force has been improved by more than 130% over the previous Aventador coupé. Every aspect of the car’s suspension and electronic system has been advanced with the goal of particularly enhanced control and driving emotion.

The Aventador S allows the driver to select between four different driving modes: STRADA, SPORT, CORSA and the new EGO mode which influence the behaviour of traction (engine, gearbox and 4WD), steering (LRS, LDS, Servotronic) and suspension (LMS).


2017 Ford GT

The Ford GT finally shows us what it can do when it turns a wheel under its own power with this Supercar. As they say, Ford is all about innovation. Same goes with this car.

From its aerodynamically optimized shape to its multifunctional buttresses to its powerful 3.5L Eco Boost V6 engine with 647 HP, everything is designed to deliver ultimate performance.

Its not just a supercar, its technology statement. For GT you might have to spend millions of dollars as Ford auto parts promise powerful performance. First set of 750 cars has already been claimed and the other remaining 250 cars will be ready for booking in early 2018.

The skycraping wing/air brake rolls out a Gurney flap from its trailing edge when deployed, while a pair of active shutters stalls air over the front splitter to balance the total down force.

Ford activates an anti lag system in the sport, track and V-Max mode to keep turbos on call when the driver lifts off the accelerator. The gear selector, window, mirror, lock controls corporate with Sync 3 infotainment system that is 6.5 inch wide Screen. Thus, Ford GT is a beast of brute force and clockwork of rare nuance.

Price- $450000

2018 Bugatti Chiron

Launched in Feb. 2016, Bugatti Chiron was designed to be world’s most powerful, fastest and expensive car. According to bugatti engineers the Chiron will accelerate from 0 to 60 Mph in 2.5 seconds. Its W-16 engine has been redesigned to produce 8 percent more power and 9 percent more torque than in Veryon super sport.

While four drive modes are selectable, EB is the standard driving mode and it comes with 7 transmission modes. Its front end unlike other super hyper ultra cars is a robust wave of metal and its horseshoe grille contains a hand painted, silver and ceramic badge that’s curved ever slightly. Chiron is capable of withering extremes, yet also a refined bit of industrial sculpture.

The cabin is all about empowerment. Its driving experience is earnest that makes the world around you vanish. You just don’t need to prove anything to anyone!

Price- $ 2998000

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