Future Design concept of Acura Cars


Japanese car maker Honda, the parent company of the Acura is a world leader in design and development of futuristic vehicles and concept cars. The automaker lived up to this reputation with the timely release of Acura’s much awaited next-generation NSX, which was first introduced as a concept car and which has the distinction of being one of the first supercars designed, developed and manufactured on America soil. The NSX gives us glimpses into the what can be expected in the near future of automobiles manufactured at Acura and a sneak peek into one of the NSXs on display at Henderson Acura revealed the philosophy behind the revolutionary concepts being implemented in the future design concepts of Acura cars which daringly go against the tide. We take a quick look at what can be expected in the upcoming cars such as the Acura Precision Concept which we try to explore.

Connected Engineering

When you look at the engineering going on behind every design concept of the upcoming Acura’s the adaption of rigorously tested and successful innovations from the race tracks are quite evident. The Ultra-rigid space frame on an All-wheel-drive train with Sport-Hybrid Handling provides the super frame which betrays racing DNA. Lowered center of gravity, greater use of aluminum on the mounts to reduce pitch and roll and aid in better cornering. All this ultimately provides you better security, better control over your vehicle and gives you better the feel of the road. While this is done so you can feel more connected and enjoy your driving experience, the 3rd-generation magnetorheological dampeners over an all-aluminum suspension ensure superb handling.

Performance Enhancing Design

While the space age design makes you ogle in awe at the futuristic treatment on vehicles like the Acura Precision Concept with its smooth sculpted surfaces, closer observation reveals that the flowing lines contributie to the aerodynamics. The wide front grille with distinctive inlets feeds air to the drive train for better flow. The overall low but wide proportion and space for 22-inch tires improves performance through better balance and cornering. Another feature that can be expected in the future vehicles is the use of suicide doors on the rear which open backwards allowing easy access to the back row.

Ergonomic Attention to Interior Styling

The cleaver futurism on the exteriors are carried inside that feature cantilevered seating with luxurious crafted materials, stitched leather seating surfaces and a touch of class through use of exotic wood appointments on the speaker grilles. The cockpit is super minimalistic and super smart with everything controlled through a touchpad interface and maximum utilization of innovative mobility and connectivity. As we checkout an Acura RDX at the Henderson Acura dealership we realized that the double layered center console on the Acura Precision Concept is raised to a comfortable level for easy access to the embedded trackpad and features a small storage space below the console to keep your stuff hidden from direct view which is a superb feature that’s inherited its learnings from the RDX or may be the other way round, we will have to keep guessing.

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