Gearbox Trouble – Know the Warning Signs


If you take good care of your vehicle it will take good care of you. Like with any machine, cleaning and maintenance are important. Neglecting your car can lead to transmission problems and more. Early detection is critical to ensure your vehicle keeps running without any major issues. You should learn to recognise the signs of gearbox trouble; it will save you money and prevent further damage. If you think your vehicle needs a gearbox service in Romford, get in contact with a garage that specialises in transmissions.

An experienced team who work in the gearbox industry will be able to provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Gearbox fitting
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Gearbox rebuilds
  • Gearbox reconditioning

As mentioned above, learning to recognise the warning signs of a broken gearbox is important. Here are some things you should watch out for.

Struggling to Change Gears – If your car is refusing to shift gears, you should have it assessed by a skilled technician.

Burning Smell – If you smell something burning, it could be your gearbox overheating.

Strange Noises – When your vehicle is in neutral; it shouldn’t make much noise. If you hear strange sounds, your gearbox needs to be examined.

Stain on the Driveway – This is one of the most common problems with your gearbox, it is also easy to detect. A stain underneath your car usually means fluid is leaking from the transmission.

Engine Light – This should be the easiest sign to detect, if it lights up, book an appointment with a mechanic.

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