Get Back on the Road with a Quality Body Shop


Car accidents can be frustrating for everyone involved. Your car may be damaged badly, leaving you without a way to drive to work. There are often two types of damage that result from severe accidents. The engine may need some work, as well as the body of the car. Sometimes this requires a visit to two different establishments. A mechanic and a body specialist may have to take turns working on the vehicle.

The Damage

The body of your car is the first part to sustain impact in an accident. If you are hit from the back or the side, there is likely to only be body damage. You will need a trusted vehicle body shop in Torquay to take care of these issues. There may be several dents, missing pieces, and paint damage. Some parts may be able to be restored, while others will need to be replaced. There are some common issues that arise from accidents, including the following:

  • Missing bumpers
  • Ruined doors
  • Missing paint

The Repairs

A body shop has many tools that are used for removing dents, fixing paint, and repairing windshields. Your door, for example may have a small dent that can be remedied and painted over. If the entire door is pushed in and jammed inside the car, a replacement will be necessary. The parts will be ordered and placed on your car. The paint colour should match when the parts are ordered from the company. If the new parts contrast too much with the old ones, it may be necessary to complete a larger paint job.

Your car can often be restored to its previous state after an accident when you take it to a quality garage. Allow an assessment to be done so you can get a proper estimate for the final bill. You may need a small dent repaired or a windshield replaced. Many things can be taken care of at a body shop.



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