Google Maps Timeline: A New Way To Use It For Mileage Tracking


Google Maps Timeline is a new way to use Google Maps to track your mileage. With Timeline, you can see your travel history on a map, and see how much mileage you’ve traveled in each trip. You can also see how much total mileage you’ve accumulated over time, and compare your mileage records with friends.

What is Google Maps Timeline and how does it work?

Google has a visually rich tool called Google Maps Timeline that lets you explore your history with maps. It’s like a timeline of your Maps activity, with events and places highlighted in color and with rich details. You can use your timeline to see your recent locations and how your Maps activity has changed over time.

Your Location History on Google Maps

You can view your Google Timeline History by clicking on the “History” tab. This tab will display all of your past Google Maps locations.

See where you have been, including specific addresses and places. This simple mileage log will show you how long you have been at each location, as well as how much traffic was on your journey.

You can also see what you have been looking at. This includes specific addresses, places, and topics. You can also see how long you have been looking at each location, as well as how many photos or videos you have viewed.

How to use Google Maps Timeline as a Mileage Log Backup

  • To create a Timeline backup, first open the Google Maps app on your phone.
  • Next, tap the three lines in the top left corner of the app window. This will open the Settings menu.
  • Under “Backup & Sync,” tap “Timeline.”
  • To create a backup, tap “Create New Timeline Backup.” This will start the timeline backup process. When the backup is done, you’ll get a message that says “Timeline Backup Complete.”
  • To view your timeline backup, open the “History” section of the “Settings” menu and tap “Timeline Backup.” You’ll see a list of all the timeline backups that you’ve created.
  • To restore a timeline backup, tap the backup that you want to use and then tap “Restore.” Google Maps will start restoring your data from the timeline backup. It will take a few minutes to restore your data. When it’s done, you’ll be able to open the restored map in the app and use it as if your phone had never been lost or damaged.

Converting Google Maps Timeline Trips into an IRS-Approved Mileage Log

Google Maps can be a great way to plan your routes and track your mileage, but it’s not always IRS-approved. If you’re using Google Maps to track your mileage, you might not be able to track your mileage accurately and you might not be able to claim your miles as tax deductions.

To make sure that your mileage is tracked accurately and that you can claim your miles as tax deductions, you need to convert your Google Maps trips into an IRS-approved mileage logbook for taxes. That’s where MileageWise comes in.

This mileage tracker app can help you in tracking mileage for taxes on your Android or iPhone. It can keep track of your expenses and help you maintain a vehicle mileage log book that will help you claim mileage tax deduction. Click to download MileageWise mileage tracker app on Google Play.

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