Here’s What to Do if You Can’t Get Approved


In everything, you have to do your homework to get the best deals. If you are eyeing to buy a car, you can do your homework by getting approved. Approvals refers to a conditional approval given to you by the lender.

It is important because it encloses estimated terms from the amount of money you can borrow to the loan terms and more importantly, the loan interest. In short, it will show details to finance the purchase of a car.

If you get approved, you will get the best deals since you won’t necessarily depend on dealer financing. Fortunately, getting approved can be easy but there is always a chance that you get declined. It is hard to hear if you do not qualify for approvals.

There are many reasons why approvals decline happens but you can do something about it. To help you get started, here’s what to do if you cannot get the approvals:

Here’s What to Do if You Can’t Get Approved

Improve your credit

The good news is that car loan isn’t like a mortgage. This means you can get bad credit car loans but you have to deal with high costs. If the need is not dire, it is important that you review your credit. The most basic solution here is to build credit but this is hard and can be time-consuming.

If you have a history of making late payments, maxing out your credit card or carrying a large debt, your credit score is not that strong. However, this does not mean that it cannot be improved. It is time that you adjust your habits. For instance, you have to start paying your bills on time and minimize your debt-to-income ratio.

Earn more and save more

Additionally, you need to earn more and save more. Remember that even if you have good credit, lenders may decline if they think you cannot afford to pay monthly. You can improve this by saving more for a down payment. You can also look for used cars for sale near me.

By saving more on a down payment, you reduce the amount you need to borrow from a lender. This will not happen overnight but if you want to hasten this, you should start looking for a higher-paying job or other sidelines. These things can significantly improve your ability to pay the loan.

Think about getting a co-signer

If the need for a car is dire that you cannot improve credit or save more, you should consider one approach – getting a co-signer. A co-signer refers to a person who agrees to pay the loan if you default.

While getting a co-signer is practical, you should keep in mind that you are actually putting another person’s financial health on the line. This is the case because when you default, there is a possibility that it could negatively impact the co-signer’s credit. If you consider this, make sure to pay accordingly.

Bottom Line

Indeed, getting approved for a car loan can help you save money. It will systematically allow you to compare your loan offers as well as improve your negotiating power but if you cannot get approved, you have to keep your finances on track for now.

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