How Can I Raise Bike Insurance Claim Without A Driving License Or RC?


These days, insurance companies have made it easy to raise a claim. All you need to do is to submit the necessary documents and raise your claim for motorcycle insurance. But what if you don’t have all the necessary documents for some reason? Maybe you lost your driving license accidentally, or the bike met with an accident before you can get an RC. Is it impossible to get the insurance money in such circumstances? The answer is no! Here’s how you can raise a claim without your license and RC.

Can you buy a bike without a driving license?

Before you get into filing the insurance claim, let’s consider whether you can even buy a bike or a bike insurance policy without a license. Well, you can certainly buy a bike without a license – maybe you are not planning to drive it. Maybe you are buying that bike as a gift for someone.

The vehicle can be insured by the person you gifted it to, and they need a valid driving license for that. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for all vehicles to have insurance. The insurance company will ask for your driving license, among other documents.

Can you raise insurance claims without a driving license and RC?

You do not need to have a driving license to raise a bike insurance claim. However, the answer to whether you can file a claim without an RC is not that simple.

Though it depends on the terms and conditions set by the insurer, it is possible to file a claim without an RC. After all, you will have to consider the fact that something can happen to the bike in the time between buying it and having it registered. So, not having an RC to show is justified in that case.

Moreover, your comprehensive insurance policy can have an add-on that covers the loss of a driving license or RC. You can leverage that add-on to file a claim without a license or RC.

Buying a driving license or RC loss add-on with a comprehensive insurance policy

Add-ons extend the coverage offered by a comprehensive insurance policy. Though they tend to increase your premium, you can find policies that let you have add-ons at affordable rates. So, when you look for bike insurance, check whether the list of add-ons include a driving license or RC loss cover. Purchase this add-on when you buy your insurance policy online.

A driving license or RC loss add-on will come in really handy if you have to raise a claim without those documents. Also, before you submit the application, check the other add-ons available and include the ones you need.

The final note

As you can see, you should face no issue in raising a claim without your license or RC. However, if the terms and conditions of the policy make it compulsory to submit an RC, then talk to the insurer and explain your situation. They might be able to offer you a solution.

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