How Do I Choose a Car that’s just ‘right’ For Me


You will seriously have to think about what are your real requirements as most people when they are considering car needs, will usually go off on one and think about their ‘dream’ vehicle.  The truth of the matter is that you should be thinking of a vehicle which you will be utilising every day, not one which will be used maybe just once or twice a year on a camping trip. So, be realistic and think about what your real needs for driving a car will be and then work around that. Make a list of what you will need from your car and what you want your car to have and put the items in order of importance. For instance:

  1. Will have to be petrol friendly, due to a lot of driving.
  2. Has to be trustworthy and reliable, as I certainly I don’t need lots of bills spent on repairs.
  3. Plenty of rear seat space to fit comfortably a child safety seat.
  4. Accessible and easy vehicle finance
  5. Airbags and antilock brakes are a must.
  6. Cruise control would be nice.
  7. Lucky if it looks somewhat sporty or fashionable. (!)
  8. A USB port for my portable drive.

Petrol Mileage is a Major Concern

If great petrol mileage happens to be your first priority:

  • Begin by doing some research into what kind of cars come out the tops in consumer studies, and make a list of the ones that you find appealing.
  • Also check out just which of these models are available inside of your price range and mark off those that aren’t.
  • Research the reliability ratings of the remaining cars and then tick out any poorly-rated ones until in the end, you are going to have a number of models (or maybe luckily just the one!) remaining on your list and you are now ready to go shopping.

Compare Petrol Mileages

  • With the price nowadays at the petrol stations, fuel has become is a major expense for nearly all people on the road. So, before you select your next vehicle, do yourself a favour and check its petrol mileage and predicted yearly fuel costs.
  • Once again, all of this information can be found with a few simple clicks of your mouse when you are online or via a smartphone or tablet. You can do a search on the model and also check out the approximate annual fees of petrol and what type of fuel it will require.

Make Sure it’s a Car That Hold its Worth Well and Easy to Maintain

If you’re considering the purchase of a second hand car, don’t pay too much for it because if you choose in the future to trade it in or sell it, it will be worth that much less. Try looking for a car that will hold its value, so you can later obtain something for it when you eventually trade it in or sell it.

With the use of the above advice, you should get the perfect car and not some clunker!

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