How Movers Move Cars


Moving is on the list of high-stress life events. Selling your present residence, buying a new house, packing up your belongings, and getting moved in time to start your new job on schedule will give anyone a big headache. When you also have to have your car shipped, it’s an additional hassle. Did you know there are some moving companies that will handle the transport of your vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even your boat? You can have your household furnishings and vehicles all transported together.

Shipping Your Car

According to Browning Moving and Storage of Florida, large shipping companies own all types of vehicles, and your local mover is probably affiliated with one. This connection provides smaller companies access to whatever type and size of moving vehicles are needed. Small vehicles and motorcycles can often be placed in the same truck as all your home furnishings and personal belongings. This will save you a lot of time and worry during the moving process, but there is a higher price tag. Your mover charges by weight, time, and distances. Motor vehicles are very heavy, but if your employer has provided a moving expense allowance, it may offset the extra amount created by transporting your car. Specific auto movers may also be affiliated with smaller moving and storage companies and charge fees based on make and model, distance, weight, size, and operating condition. You can get a quote on either option and make your decision based on which works best for you.

Auto Carriers

According to J and S Transport, many mover affiliations give local company’s access to trucks designed specifically for vehicle shipping. Both enclosed and open-air car carriers are available. Shipping your car long distance will be less expensive than paying a person to drive the car, cover the cost of lodging and meals, and provide a first class plane ticket to return the driver home. Your stress is gone knowing your car is being safely transported to your new location. All the wear and tear of the trip is placed on the transport vehicle and not to your car. Your vehicle can be delivered directly to your door or to a transport drop-off location for you to pick up.

Pack your stress into the truck with your furniture and other belongings. You can enjoy a relaxing plane flight to your new home, and let the movers take care of the rest.

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