As the modern world keeps getting better with each passing day, our needs and demands also grow. Engineers and scientists keep inventing and discovering new things to make our lives as comfortable and convenient as we can make it. We use our cars and bikes to go everywhere, even the house down the street. They help us to go wherever we want to, be it the pizza shop near your house or a road trip to someplace. Our vehicles are important and essential for the development of mankind.

Do you ever wonder about how you should take proper care of your vehicle? Even though it is an inanimate object, we need to take proper care of it. The simplest thing you can do to take care of your vehicle is to check the tyre pressure and refill the tyre if needed. This keeps you prepared for the next ride you take.


Tyre Pressure is the measure of the amount of air in the tyres of vehicles in pounds. You should make a habit of checking the tyre pressure every once in a while, most probably on a monthly basis. You should fill in the air if the pressure is less than a pound or two. It is highly recommended to check the tyre pressure when the vehicle has been ideal for 6 or more hours. It is because tyre pressure tends to rise when they get heated, thus, it’s best to check them while the tyre is cool.

If the pressure is more than 5lbs, it may be the result of a slow leak. It could be a nail piercing through the tyre or a loose screw or valve or a fissured wheel. It’s very dangerous to drive around with insufficient pressure in the tyres. If it’s very inadequate then the sidewall may result in being ruined and, thus, will require you to get your tyres replaced with new ones. But even a brand new tyre deflates after being used for a few weeks or a month. You should consult about the recommended tyre pressure from you’re the car dealer, the Internet or the instruction manuals.


  • Know the correct amount of pressure.
  • Many tyres have a number of the amount printed on its sidewalls. However, according to surveys and researches, it is proved that it is the incorrect amount of pressure. The correct pressure will be printed on the plaque riveted inside the driver seat’s door. That amount is recommended by the car manufacturer based on the tire size and weight of the car.
  • Air pressure varies with temperature.
  • As mentioned earlier, the tyre pressure and temperature of the tyres are directly proportional. This means that if the tyres are hot the pressure seems to rise and when they are cool, the pressure seems to lower. If you’re adding air when the tyres are hot then leave a pound or two less and then recheck the pressure once their temperature lowers and cools down. Air pressure tends to drop about 1psi for every 10-degree drop in temperature.
  • Damage to tyres from low pressure

Running at a low tyre pressure for a long period of time can gradually damage the sidewalls of the tyre and cause them to bend over. Even a little bit of bend or folds may end up damaging the rubber of the tyre. There will be a point of time when the sidewall will bend enough for the inner edges to touch and this will start to brush the rubber off from the inside of the tyres, leaving the tyres unprotected.

Maintaining the tyre’s proper pressure guarantees you the extended life of the car tyres online and the vehicle’s proper operation. It is the only component that keeps your vehicle linked to the ground. Whether your tyres are punctured or flat, you need to address the situation. You can always repair some of the punctures yourself, but it’s always best to let a technician with expertise handle it.

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