How To Import A Caravan To Australia


When it comes to importing a caravan into Australia, it is a much-complicated task than importing it into a country that is surrounded by water. If you would like to know more about importing various vehicles into Australia, you can find out more about while this article will focus mostly on the caravan part.

What does it take?

Since importing a vehicle overseas is no easy task, there is a lot that revolves around this task. For starters, you will need to take measurements of the caravan you are planning to import. In the process of measuring, it is the best idea to measure the outsides of the caravan in great detail as you do not want it to get damaged during the transport.

It does not matter if your dream car is from a different country!

Before you start asking around who can import the caravan into Australia, it is important that you get a permit first, because if you do not get that, you will not be able to proceed with anything else that is related to this no easy task. Once you get the permit, you should look around for a company that can transport the caravan.

It is highly suggested that you do not import second-hand caravans, as they might not be eligible for the importing because of the very strict Australian policies. If a crucial part of the caravan does not seem to be in perfect shape, you will most likely not get the approval to import that specific vehicle, even if you have a permit to import one.

The shipping

When it comes to shipping or transportation, you will most likely receive your newly purchased caravan by sea, in a container. You should know that the cost of all the services that regard shipping can be very expensive depending on the company that is helping you with the importing of your caravan, so looking around for the best offer that has the best price is highly suggested.

Because importing a caravan has the strictest rules of them all when it comes to vehicle importing, it is a good idea to request the seller to clean the caravan perfectly, from both outside and inside. Cleaning the caravan will definitely speed up the process that it will undertake by the appropriate department.

Caravan importers Australia like Dazmac Logistics are a great choice if you are looking for an efficient way to import a caravan. You will definitely enjoy the time frame they finish the job in, as well as the price of the services that come along.

Be prepared for forms

As it was said before, this is no easy task, thus there will be a lot of paperwork. You should be prepared to go through all of it as sometimes the companies might not cover everything that is necessary for the importing process, thus you might run into a problem, which will prolong the time frame of importing, or maybe it will stop it completely.

There are different import methods you can use

What happens once it arrives?

As your caravan arrives in its container, it will have to go under a couple of inspections one more time in a quarantined area. After it passes the whole inspection part, you will get your license to use the caravan however you want.

Final Word

Importing a caravan might be a bit tricky, but it can definitely be done. You have to be very careful when it comes to filling up the forms because sometimes you might end up with a temporary license that will not be valid after a couple of years.

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