How to Keep Children Safe in Cars


Child safety in cars is now one of the major aspects on which nobody needs any explanation. Automakers around the world are trying their best to make their cars become all the more children-friendly. The modern-day cars are coming with an array of child safety features while they are manufacturing innovative gadgets to keep the children safe inside and around the car.

Here is an attempt to create an awareness for the parents and caregivers on how to keep these most precious beings safe when they are on board, or around a vehicle.

Using Child Safety Features like a Child Lock

Nowadays, according to the experts from the Burlington Hyundai, almost all cars are having a child lock on the doors to avoid accidental opening and falling off the moving vehicle. When small children are boarding a car, one should use the automatic child door lock in the car.

The door locks even prevent any unwanted forced entry of strangers into the vehicle when the car has stopped in the traffic. Apart from this, these locks in the rear doors cannot be opened by the kids from inside.

Window Switches:

The window switches come with the power windows that have a main control switchboard near the driver seat. The driver can open or shut down the windows whenever it is necessary. These switches lock the windows in case the kid leans on it or start playing with the switches. The ARS, in addition to this, stops and retracts the windows if there is any obstruction felt during the operation so that nothing goes wrong if the child’s hand or head is hanging out from the window.


Automotive technology today has invented the airbags that now are clubbed with sensors to detect how hard a crash is, understands the physical structure of the passenger, looks for the use and position of the seat belt and starts suppressing the passenger airbag to protect the child occupant from any harm. The Side Impact Airbags too are essential for the safety of the child and are highly recommended features.


Car Manufacturers now have started equipping their latest model of cars with a 360-degree surrounding camera. This assists the driver to get to know if any kid is around the car when the vehicle is ready to start.

Interlocking Gear Levers

The interlocking gear levers prevent accidental pressing and shifting of gears by the children when they play inside the car cabin so that the vehicle does not start rolling if the gear shifts into neutral accidentally.

Child Safety Seats

As per the Burlington Hyundai dealer experts, Child Safety seats are one of the must-have things when a child is on board. The car safety seat would hold the child through seatbelts ideally made for children. Some prefer installing ISOFIX as an alternative to securing the car seat with seat belts.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is the alertness of the parents and the caregivers that can keep children safe in a journey or when the kids are near the vehicles. Everyone must make it a point not to leave their children unattended inside the vehicles, however, short the time of stopping is. Accidents like hot car infant death and in-car suffocation take place only from negligence that cannot be altered by any technological support till now.

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