Mistakes to avoid when renting a car


Renting a car makes it convenient for you moving around several places in town or even far distances. You could also rent a car for the occasion, which you consider classy and rightly represents the picture you want to portray.

However, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid when renting a car.

Not shopping around

There are numerous car rental companies around town and each of these has their terms, variety and charges. Therefore, you need to do enough shopping and get leads from friends and family of the best companies. Renting a car from the first company you come across may mean you pay expensively for a cheap car only to realize that there were better rental companies to rent from. Get on your phone, call, browse through the internet, and ask around before you settle on that particular one.

Prepaying for gas

It feels convenient to travel on a full tank. As good as, it may sound, you have to be careful. Imagine fueling a full tank only to return half-full. That means you lose the money you spent on the remaining fuel. You’d better fuel it yourself at the gas station, enough for the trip and where need be, you can always refuel. This would save you on the amount you spend on gas and the overall cost.

Buying insurance policy you don’t need

Sometimes it feels save to get an extra cover even when the car is insured comprehensively. Unless you are going on a risky trip where the probability of having an accident is quite high. Getting a temporary policy means spending extra bucks that you can save for other necessities. As long as the commercial van rental Singapore company has insured the car comprehensively, and in perfect condition, you don’t have to incur the extra cost, which expires after, you return the car.

Before renting a car, you have to take your time and ensure you have sufficient information about the car rental company.

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