Preparing Your Vehicle for A MOT Test


The MOT test is carried out to ensure the car you are driving is roadworthy and isn’t a danger to yourself or anyone else on the road. Although you can perform a pre-MOT check by yourself, you could easily miss something that could cause you to fail.

Book a Pre-Test with a Professional

When your vehicle needs a pre-MOT test in Essex, you should look for professional garage services in Grays. There are many reasons to consider booking your car into a reputable garage as opposed to checking the vehicle yourself.

  • Access to highly experienced and qualified technicians
  • Access to state of art testing equipment
  • Full examination and diagnostics
  • Reduced chance of failing
  • Eliminate the chance of receiving a dangerous fault

If you want your car to pass with flying colours, you should leave the pre-MOT test for the professionals. The MOT has changed in recent years and if your car is labelled with a dangerous fault, e.g. tyre tread depth below 1.6mm, you won’t be able to drive it away to get it fixed.

Detailed Pre-Mot Test

A professional service centre will conduct a thorough assessment of your vehicle, this includes tests such as:

  • A full tyre inspection, which consists of tread depth measurements and anomalies.
  • A general inspection designed to check things such as your horn, windscreen wipers, seat belts and washers.
  • They’ll check common fault areas such as your brakes, lights, bodywork, steering and exhaust.

Using a professional service centre for pre-MOT testing makes sense, they’ll ensure your vehicle is in exceptional working condition, so it will pass first time out.

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