Reasons to Choose an Independent Garage Over a Dealership


There is a reason why so many UK car owners choose independent garages over dealerships. Here are some of the main reasons why over 70% pick independent, local mechanics.

Supporting Local Garages

There is a reason why car owners who live in northwest Surrey choose to visit local mechanics in Woking as opposed to country wide dealerships. Motorists often prefer to visit community bases garages because they receive a level of attention they won’t find elsewhere. Many big garages don’t entertain small repairs because it makes no difference to their profit margin.


If you choose a local garage where most of the employees come from the surrounding area, you are bound to get a good price. Independent garages are known for having lower rates when it comes to maintenance, repair and replacements. A local mechanic will often be more open to haggle about prices in comparison to a dealership.

Personalised Service

You won’t get the same level of personalised attention in a dealership as you’ll receive in an independent garage. Multinational companies are very busy, and they don’t have time to give you the attention you deserve.

Additional Benefits of Going Independent

  • Most local garages are family owned, which means they take pride in their business and the service they provide.
  • There is more accountability in an independent garage.
  • Main dealerships push mechanics to upsell.
  • Independent garages are local and convenient.

There are many good reasons to choose an independent garage over a dealership, the list above is just a small sample of key advantages.

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