Reasons Why A Ute Liner Is A Solid Investment


There are many different types of accessories you can purchase that can enhance the way that you appreciate your ute, as well as enhance the way that you protect it. One of these accessories that you can pick up is a ute liner.

A ute liner fits inside your tray bottom (and sides) to line the bottom of your ute. These are usually made of polyethene which is a hard wearing plastic type substance.

They’re built super tough

The material and density of ute trays ensure that they’re going to stand up to pretty much anything that you’re going to throw at it. This includes lugging heavy equipment about

They’re easy to clean

If you’ve got a bunch of muck in the back of your ute – maybe you’ve been hauling manure about for the garden, then you’ll be happy to know that ute trays are easy to clean with standard cleaning materials. Wash, soap, and wipe and you’ll get that mess gone in no time at all.

They stand up against spills from everyday chemicals

Carting chemicals about? Perhaps you’re a gardener and you’ve got a tray chock full of roundup, or you’re an office cleaner and you’ve got all gear in the back. You can rest assured that if you get any substance spills in your travels that your ute tray is going to hold up to the task.

They make your ute tray look even better

If you’re looking for style then a ute tray is a must. An aluminium base tray is never going to look great, it is just there to serve a purpose. A nice, matte black, ribbed ute liner tray is always going to look better as your choice in the back of the ute.

They make a comfier bed base

Even if you don’t plan on whacking a mattress in the back at some point in time and having a kip, either as part of a planned trip or maybe just to a friend’s house you don’t want to drive home drunk after, chances are that it could be on the cards. A ute liner with a mattress over the top is a far comfier and warmer option than your bare try for a nap.

They can be ripped out and replaced

While it’s not common, if you manage to really bang up your ute tray and it’s looking like a sorry state of affairs back there, the good news is that you can simply rip it out and replace it with a brand new one. It’s really easy to do – much easier than replacing your whole ute tray!

They can make your ute fetch more at resale

Because a ute liner really protects your ute, this means that they can help to fetch a higher value for your ute when it comes to reselling it. Keeping your car in good nick should be a priority all the time – unless you plan on keeping it until its driven into the ground.

Ute liners are just one of the core accessories you should think about picking up to enhance your ute. There is a range of items that help to protect your ute itself, like canopies and bull bars, through to items like toolboxes and sliding trays which can help to keep the items that you store in your ute safe and sound. A ute liner is a good base to start with, and then you might like to work your way up from there. Choose from professionally installed jobs, or you can even give installation yourself a go if you’re a bit clever.


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