Safe Driving on Melbourne Roads When The Weather Is Wet


Driving in the rain can be scary, and dangerous if you are not responsible while driving on the wet, slippery roads. Extra precautions are always necessary, just like defensive driving. New drivers should always consider rescheduling their trip if the weather is bad. Regardless of young or old, it is essential to drive safely in bad weather conditions as the roads are dangerous. Cars Wanted Melbourne offers the following tips for safe driving during wet weather.

Regardless of whether it is sunny and raining, or cloudy and raining, turn on your headlights. Driving with your headlights on alerts other drivers in front of you, and behind you that you are on the road. Rain and wet roads can create a situation where visibility is more difficult, and drive with your headlights on will help your visibility and the visibility of other drivers.


Keep the speed safe, regardless of the posted speed limit. The wet roads cause cars and trucks to hydroplane when travelling too fast. When making turns, slow down. Keep extra distance between you and other cars for safety, and keep the speeds safe. When there is a posted speed limit, remember that the mph is for top driving conditions, not fog, rain, snow, or haze. So, keep your speed limit below the posted mph.


In bad weather, it is more important that your car is running properly. Be sure that your tyres have plenty of treads and are properly inflated. If the tyres are worn out, your car will be more likely to hydroplane. Also, be sure that your windshield wipers are working. Your engine should also be tuned and running great as breakdowns when visibility is bad is more dangerous than on a warm sunny day. Have your car checked by your mechanic, and check the tyres with each fills up.

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