Saving Money with Car Breakers


Within a society programmed to replace a non-working item with a new one, we seem to have become detached from the cost-effective opportunities available to fix what we already own. This is especially true for car repairs and replacing parts as we tend to use a garage and let them order the parts for us. And when the parts are ordered from a manufacturer’s garage this can be very expensive. There is, however, a far better alternative out there – car breakers. For info on how they can save you time and money, read on.


The most distinctive point of them all is the savings you will make buying a part from a breakers yard in comparison to purchasing a new part from your manufacturer. There is uncertainty around whether a part from a car breaker is durable and whether problems will crop up later on. Any car part taken from each vehicle is checked to see if it’s in good working order first and so you needn’t worry about it not working. If this is the case, however, most car breakers will offer a refund if the part doesn’t fit your car or function correctly. 

Shop Around

When you order parts from the manufacturer, you are confined to a set price and usually a high one at that. With breakers yards, the prices will vary from business to business, and so don’t be afraid to shop around different yards to see who is selling the parts you need and who is offering the best deal. The more savings you can make the better!


You may own a car whose manufacturer has gone bust, cancelled the car range, or is very old, and so the manufacturer does not make the parts for your vehicle anymore. Car breakers do not discriminate against a cars make and model, which is why they have such a wide variety stored ready to be broken and recycled. If your chances of finding parts for your car are proving difficult and expensive, why not consider a breakers yard instead. It will be at a fraction of the cost and a lot more straightforward.

Faster Service

If you’ve ever endured booking your car in to be seen by a manufacturer’s-approved garage, you’ll know it saps up quite a bit of time and money. Whether to take time off work so that you may drive your car to the garage or to pay an additional charge so that you can get the vehicle repaired quickly, with a car breaker this process isn’t necessary. You ask for the part you need, buy it, and either a worker at the breaker yard will help you fit it, or you install it yourself (this depends on the type of car breakers yard you visit).

Car Breakers Expertise

If there’s anything the people working in car breakers yards know about, it’s the ins and outs of a variety of cars and so they might even be able to provide you advice on your current car issues without you needing to consult a garage. And, as mentioned above, depending on the type of car breakers yard you visit, they may fix the part to your car for you. However, always ask beforehand.

With the abundance of benefits and savings car breakers offer, if you are due to repair your car and need a new part, consider a car breaker as your first port of call.

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