Some Amazing Van interiors. Fancy this in yours?

You probably spend al to your working day driving in the van and it’s a point of pride keeping it clean and tidy inside and out. Some people take the insides to the total extreme as we shall see but if you want a simple way of protecting the inside of you van or waterproofing van linings then Speedliner is a really good idea. Ply lining protects the vans interior and means that its value will be retained. The value for these vans however ispretty impressive already. To be fair they have had a fair bit spent on them. Having Speedliner coating added increases the longevity of you van interior.

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Remember how we said that you spent most of your time in your van. It’s annoying when you’re stuck in a jam trying to get to a job as it means you’re going to be late. Spare a though of the commuters in India there jams are ridiculous due to countries antiquated roads and dangerous driving conditions. It’s even become quite the norm for middle class and wealthy Indians to hire the services of a driver. This still did not solve the problem and as the commuter sat in the back of the car desperately trying to get to work. Wherever you are in the world time is money and many Execs found that they were losing theirs. What could be done about it?

Up stepped an entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market. Why not build an office in the back of a van. Its goes a bit beyond the realms of the ply lining but for the people who buy them they are the answer to many prayers. What can you get in the back of the van? The company take old used Toyotas and fits the interior s out with pretty much anything you like. Want Wi-Fi? You’ve got it. Soundproofing? No problem they’ll even install airline seats to and desk units so that you effectively have a mobile office ready conduct business. It not just India where the Market for retro fitted vans is growing, Russia the United States and Thailand all have started to use this service. When you have to leave 2 hours on average to get anywhere in the city it makes a lot of sense.

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It makes a lot of sense. Business can be conducted the moment the CEO gets in the Van. If they need to they can actually drive to and pick up the client saving hours. You might not need that much done to your interior but are we looking at the future? We very well might be.

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