The 5 Top Rated Family Cars On The Market


Choosing a family car can be hard as it needs to be reliable, roomy and not too expensive either. Unlike other vehicles which you may purchase purely for your own enjoyment, a family car needs to be capable of keeping everyone happy (young and old) and that means analysing a range of features to ensure everything is up to standard.

Here are some of the best rated family cars on the market today, helping you to narrow down your search and find a great vehicle that caters to all your family’s needs. Remember to always take any prospective vehicles out on a test drive before purchasing to get a feel for them on the road. You may also want to take your family along and let them view the car and sit in it to check out things like leg room and storage space in a real-life scenario.

  • Peugeot 308

Although possibly smaller than your typical family car, the Peugeot 308 makes a brilliant run around for dropping kids of at school, football matches and dance classes as well as having room for all their kit with a bigger boot than you might expect. If you’re looking for something that drives well and is reliable then this is a great option and there is a good level of grunt under the bonnet.

  • Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo is a brilliant family car. With plenty of space in the back for the kids and room in the boot for pushchairs and so on, it is great for fitting in all the things that come with having children without feeling cramped or too small. It drives well and also has plenty of room in the boot, making it great for the whole family and ensuring nothing is ever left behind on family trips.

  • Citroen Berlingo

This is a roomy and spacious family car. Although some would class it as a van, the Berlingo makes a brilliant car for a family, especially one with pets or pushchairs as it has an extremely spacious boot. With 4 star adult and child protection ratings it will also help to keep your family safe as well as comfortable, making it a great family car that is sure to appeal to plenty of parents looking for something stylish, comfortable and secure.

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  • Toyota Auris

Again, this car is another good run around for taking your kids and other family members to their various clubs and events. It may be smaller than some of the other family cars but it doesn’t mean that it is any less effective in meeting your family’s everyday needs and parking will be much easier thanks to its more compact dimensions and smooth lines.

  • Honda Accord

A great everyday family car that is just the right amount of flashy, the Honda Accord will fit in everything that you need to take with you, and then some! It has a very sleek design making it an extremely popular family car and this combined with the feeling of space inside helps make this one of the best family cars available on the market at the moment. Top class looks combine with high levels of practicality so that you’re able to get the best of both worlds when driving around with the kids. Safety levels are also high and this is something you really need to pay attention to when shopping for a car which will be responsible for transporting your most precious cargo: your family.


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