The Advantage of Selling a Car to A Car Wrecker in Adelaide


When selling a wrecked, damaged, or an accident car, the process can be confusing. Many car owners are under the assumption that if they sell their car to a wrecker, they will not receive ample cash. This can be true to some extent; however, when you have a car that is not marketable the wrecker is the place to sell the car. SA Car Removal buys scrap, damaged, wrecked, accident, and old cars are paying cash up to $9,999, removing, wrecking & recycling your car for free.

Car owners do have the option of selling their car through the classifieds; however, when a car is badly damaged it is typically a total loss, and it will be hard to sell. Landfills should be considered out of the question and why choose a landfill when you can have a removal company like SA Car Removal buy & remove your car?

When is a wrecking yard the best consideration for your car?

When you have a car that has severe damage brings the best time to consider selling it to a wrecking company. Wreckers are in the business to dismantle cars, so they love to get their hands on severely wrecked cars.
When you’ve posed ads, taken out classifieds and there is no demand for your car, contact SA Car Removal for a quote up to $9,999 cash.

When you need quick cash, you can get it with SA Car Removal. Selling your car in an emergency could be quite profitable as the better its condition, the higher price we will offer. We make fair cash deals on cars of all makes & conditions, paying up to $9,999 cash.

How It Works

To sell your car to SA Car Removal, the process is quick and simple:

• 1. Call us at 0435 313 055, or fill out our “Get a Quote” online form on our web page. We only require the make, model, year, and condition of your car to offer you an instant quote.
• 2. Accept or reject our cash quote.
• 3. Accept, and you can then schedule a free removal anywhere in Adelaide.
We are a car removal company that pays cash on the spot at the time we come to remove your car. Call us for a quick cash quote up to $9,999 cash. Call 0435 313 055.

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