The Definitive Checklist For Preserving The Body Parts Of Your Car


When you go shopping for used cars, you often forget to check all parts of your car, always ensure that you wiggle beneath your vehicle at all the coils, pieces, springs and parts to detect problems however it could be hard to find the problems if you do not know what you are looking for. Each & every part of your car needs to be intact for the effective functionality of your car. The following are tips to preserving your car parts:

  1. Regular Oil Change

This encompasses preserving the engine of your car. Ensure that you schedule a regular oil change of your car’s engine. This is essential and you cannot ignore it as it will help to protect your car’s engine by maintaining and keeping all the moving parts lubricated. The friction from the movement of the engine needs a lot of lubrication. Failure to change the oil in your car’s engine will subject various parts of the engine to wear and tear.

  1. Fuel Your Car at Reputable Stations

Always ensure that you fuel your car at the petrol station which filters fuel at the pump. Also, try to inquire if the gas station has a policy of changing pump filters regularly. In case you realize they do not change filters regularly find another station that does. Failing to change the pump filters increases the chances of gasoline to be dirty. Moreover, other gas stations do not mix fuel and alcohol properly. You can always find a station that you can trust and stick to it.

  1. Park in the Shade

The garage is always the best place to park your car. But at times it is not available and you need to reduce the exterior damages from UV sunlight and heat thereby you need to park your car in the shade. However, you should not park your vehicle under tree shades because trees harbour birds hence bird droppings will fall in your car, which may lead to the damage of the exterior of your vehicle. Ensure you park your vehicle in the car shades.

  1. Change Spark Plugs and Leads

Ensure that you always change the high-tension leads and spark plugs to maximize the performance of your engine. However, before doing this consult your vehicle handbook to stick to the service schedule. You should inspect your spark plug to check whether it has an insulator and a light brown electrode and signs of melting. If your spark plug shows signs like wear consider replacing it immediately.

Also, you should check if the leads of your car have cracks and signs of wear. Then consider taking your car to a reputable garage to replace your car leads. A fault in one part of your car needs a replacement which requires you to purchase the part from outstanding car dealers like NZ cars.

  1. Practice Driving Smoothly

Always ensure that you have a mechanical sympathy for your vehicle. Smooth and careful driving reduces wear and tear of your car parts. Practice smooth inputs using major controls like pedals, gearbox and steering wheel.

  1. Check Your Tyres Regularly

Tyres are the most significant safety feature of your vehicle. For maximum safety, you have to check them regularly, for example, twice a week. Ensure that your vehicle tyres are well inflated as under-inflated tyres increase the consumption of fuel. Use the vehicle’s handbook to know the appropriate pressure to inflate your tyres with. Maintain the condition of car tyres by taking it to a reputable mechanic for wheel alignment to reduce wear and tear. Wheel alignment also improves steering response and handling.

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