The journey to passing my driving test


Everyone – especially within the UK, normally has a story or two to tell in regards to the journey of passing their driving test. It’s a drawn out process, which requires a lot of time, effort and money. The DVSA are very, very strict in terms of granting people their driving licence. So what did I learn along the way?

Shop around:

Yes, try different instructors until you’ve found the right one for you. Picking the wrong instructor could be devastating to your quest to pass your driving test. A bad instructor could be a time waster, terrible at explaining things, inpatient… Expensive even. One of my friends got shouted at for hitting a curb whilst learning to drive? I mean? Yes, some instructors can terrible and what they do. I advise you to look on Facebook, Trustpilot and Google reviews. This exposes instructors to reviews, which gives you an educated guess as to how good, or bad an instructor is. Another option would be asking somebody with a licence – see who they used, and ask about their experience with them.

Practice the theory side

Passing your theory test can be a nuisance. If you don’t revise, you won’t pass it. It’s that simple, not only that – I’ve noticed that it’s not something you learn specifically to pass your test; it’s something you learn for the future. Knowing road signs, knowing what to do in case of an emergency may save your life, or somebody else’s life one day. There are plenty of awesome tools, which you can use to study with to enable you to take in the information of the Highway Code quickly. Companies like Driving Test Success for example. They have an innovative way of teaching you via apps on your phone, or CD’s for your computer / laptop. Their CDs cover both theory and hazard perception.

The day of your test

The day of your driving test can, no, will be very stressful. Nobody likes being put onto the spot; and at the time this seems like a huge ordeal. But, the reality is, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were to fail. Just make sure you practice a lot, make sure you instructor also thinks you’re ready to take your test and just try to keep calm. I understand this is easier said than done, but the examiner will also want you to pass.

What if you fail?

Although I’m one of the lucky ones (I passed first time) many of my friends and colleagues have used test-finding software, a notable one would be SpeedyTests test cancellation checker. Apparently, these services are able to get you a quicker test. So, if you fail and you want to try again properly – you could take a look at services like these. Ultimately, if you keep trying – you will get there. Study as frequently as you can, pick yourself up after and fail and you will pass your test eventually.

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