Tips To Decide Whether To Buy Used Or New Car


Should I buy a brand new car or used car? It is one of the most common questions among the car buyers. Indeed, it is a universal conundrum which is highly debated. Due to this reason, many buyers delay their purchases, finding themselves in a dilemma. If you too are going through the same difficulties then this article might aid you the most to suffice your purpose evidently.

Be it buying a new or used car, none of the options is wrong. It’s just that weighing needs, budget and lifestyle becomes imperative. By this means, it can be assured that right purchases have been made. Apart from these considerations, one needs to have a clear picture of pros and cons of both used and new cars. To assist you with the same, we’ve compiled all the essential points as under:

Why it makes sense to buy a new car?

A new car brings in the peace of mind that probably isn’t possible with a pre-owned one. Neither you need to worry about the history of the car that becomes essential to perform while buying a used car, nor do you have to compromise with any of its features. Besides, it comes with a warranty that reduces the burden on your pockets to get it serviced or repaired in the initial years.

Hunting for a new car is easier than buying a used car. Simply surfing online for ‘Lincoln or Ford dealership in Atlanta, GA’ would work wonders to suffice your purpose evidently.

What are drawbacks of buying a new car?

Though new car won’t be having any flaws that are physically visible, it has a limitation of depreciation. The moment you drove off the car from the showroom, its value reduces. It takes the biggest depreciation in first two years. This way you’d have to bear the wastage of thousands of dollars you paid and get no return on the same.

Another drawback is that you will have to face some issues with the engine or its performance that arises when you buy a brand new model. During the first year, there are chances that car manufacturers switch the engine or make some alterations in the model.

Why it makes sense to buy a used car?

One of the biggest advantages of preferring a used car over the new car is a perk of relishing lower depreciation. As it is previously owned by another person, you won’t have to bear the burden of high depreciation that is going to occur during initial two or three years. Its resale value will be almost similar to that of the amount you paid while buying.

Moreover, bonus advantage of purchasing a pre-owned car is that the insurance rates would be lower than a new vehicle.

What are drawbacks of buying a used car?

The biggest limitation of a pre-owned car is the trust issue. Regardless how much care you take or hire a professional for auto inspections, you cannot entirely rely on the vehicle. It is uncertain when you’d be compelled to fix up the car issues and take it for repairing purpose. However, you have an option to buy a certified pre-owned car, but you’d have to compromise on the color in order to get the one with better mileage or performance.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of buying used and a new car. Now that you’re introduced to the entire scenario, the ball is in your court to make a decision. Whatever be your decision, just make sure that you’re consulting a reliable dealership such as Krause family Ford. It is in existence for more than 25 years that is successfully serving people with compelling services. This experience in the same field adds some reliability for acquiring the right car at the right price.

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