Top 3 BMW Auto Servicing To Save You Money In The Long Run


BMW cars are known for their elegance, safety and reliability. These cars are also performance-oriented machines that can satiate the needs of a mother as well as the enthusiastic yearnings of a petrol head.

With that stated, being the owner of a BMW does come with responsibilities. Sure, your BMW will keep on running even if you are not taking much care of it but that would be dangerous. On top of this, chances are high that you might be pushing your BMW towards a point of no return as its internal components are being subjected to irreversible damage.

So, what is the solution?

That is simple – subject your car to periodic but selective maintenance

What is selective maintenance?

Well, selective maintenance is maintaining the bare essential aspects of your car periodically so that it keeps on running and you don’t go bankrupt.

What aspects of your BMW should be subjected to selective maintenance?

Well, they are as follows –

Engine, the cooling system and the transmission

The engine of your BMW should be a priority when you are taking your car for its scheduled BMW car maintenance session. It is the only way to keep small issues turning into big problems in the future at bay and ensuring the performance of the vehicle remains as usual.

You should also ask the BMW-certified mechanic to run a full diagnostic test of the cooling system of your car and check for leaks. Furthermore, you can also ask the mechanic to top up the coolant and ensure the system is not having any blockages.

Furthermore, a BMW auto servicing session is incomplete if the transmission of your car is not being checked especially after it has run for 50,000 miles. Ask the mechanic to drain the old transmission fluid and the filter. This is a great solution to keep complete transmission failure at bay.


You would need to flush the braking system of your BMW after every two years. In this way, you will be keeping the brake fluid lines of the braking system from corrosion.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air thus it needs to be replaced every two years. Fail to do that, and you might be looking at a complete failure of your BMW’s braking system.


Ensure that the tires of your BMW have the recommended levels of air in it. Failure to do this means your car will be consuming more fuel with every kilometre you drive. On top of this, the tires of your BMW will also wear unevenly, leading to premature and costly replacements.

So, these were some of the pretty easy ways that you can save money if you own a BMW car. Irrespective of the type and manufacturing year of your BMW, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be spending less on the maintenance of your beloved BMW as it will need to be serviced after long driving periods. With that stated, be sure to take your BMW only to a BMW-certified mechanic that has a stellar reputation and track record, for the best results.

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