Upcoming cars from international brands in India


The motoring world is awash with new car launches presently. India being a big market for foreign imports has many international manufacturers launching their full catalogue of cars here. As such most of these get yearly refreshes that often take a little time to make it to our Indian shores. Things are no different this year, as many of the existing car models got refreshes abroad and are due to arrive here. So here are 5 upcoming cars in 2018 in India from international manufacturers launching in India soon.

  1. Kia Stinger GT: KIA is all set to enter the Indian market sometime in 2018-2019 and we cannot wait. Perhaps the most anticipated car that KIA will be bringing to the Indian shores is the Stinger GT, which is one of the new value champions of the performance motoring Industry. It is an exceptionally well equipped car with loads of kit and a sporty setup. KIA’s trump card here will be its relatively competitive price as compared to its European rivals and reliability.
  2. BMW 8 series Coupe: BMW made waves among the world’s motoring community when it announced the 8 series. When finally launched, we were presented with perhaps one of the most beautiful Coupe’s that we have seen in the modern times. Not that long ago, BMW announced the 8 series for a November launch in India and it’ll be the company’s most premium vehicle yet for the Indian market.
  3. Audi A8 2019:The A8 is the most opulent and luxurious vehicle that Audi sells in India. It is a car that is a direct rival to the Mercedes Benz S Class and the BMW 7 series. The 2019 A8 is due for launch here in a couple of months and those that are considering buying a luxury limousine, might want to have a look at this one. Upon launch, it’ll be the most high tech car that will ever grace the Indian roads. It is radically improved in many ways from the 2018 version and is what could be considered one of the finest cars in production currently.
  4. Audi Q8:The Q8, which follows the A8 in many ways, could be the most high tech SUV to hit the Indian shores this year. The Q8 is a step up above the Q7 which is becoming quite dated by now and while the Q7 will still remain more practical, the Q8 is lighter and sportier and could come with the Hybrid drive system which Audi claims to give you a range of 35 miles or improve fuel efficiency.
  5. Ferrari Portofino: You know that it’s exciting news when an upcoming car is from Ferrari. The Portofino is Ferrari’s replacement for the very popular California. Like the California, it will be the most affordable Ferrari in the company’s catalogue. The subtle differences include a 600hp Turbocharged v8 engine and a 0-100 time of under 4 seconds. The Portofino will retain the convertible hardtop feature of the California and is inclined more towards a grand tour than a track monster.
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