Useful Features of a Car Many Drivers Forget


Useful Features of a Car Many Drivers Forget

If you are planning to buy Ford Mustang or get BMW 328i, you should know that every modern car is equipped with a multitude of useful functions. Indeed, these features can make our driving experience a great deal more enjoyable. However, most of these hidden features are used so rarely that motorists simply forget about them.
The majority of features is universal and is presented in the vast majority of cars, regardless of brand and model whether you buy Ford Mustang or BMW 328i.
Experienced drivers know about them perfectly well, so this article can be useful for novice drivers.

Fuel gaug

As a rule, the car producers are doing their best to satisfy their customers and offer some useful functions to them. If you have bought a new car and have not yet had time to learn which side it has the fuel tank neck. Just look at the dashboard, usually, there is a small triangle next to the gas station icon that indicates the right side. So, once you get BMW 328i or buy Ford Mustang, pay attention to this feature.

Sun Visor Functions

You can often see how the driver frown trying to avoid the annoying and blinding sun rays. Most likely, the driver does not know that the sun visor under is able to hang on one loop, moving to the side window. If you are planning to buy Ford Mustang, don’t forget about this.

Turning off ESP

To begin with, let’s recall what ESP is. This abbreviation has nothing to do with the Spanish language because it stands for Electronic Stability Program. It may also be called ESC (Electronic Stability Control). This active safety feature prevents the vehicle from skidding on the road with the help of computer-controlled torque control on one or more wheels.
However, sometimes this undoubtedly useful thing can get in your way. If you want to disable this feature, there is a special button with a skidding car icon. Often, you need to hold it for a few seconds to turn off the function, but sometimes just one press is enough. However, it is impossible to completely disable ESP because in dangerous situations it will work automatically.

Side mirrors heating

This feature is often present in the description of the configuration, but many drivers do not know how it works. It turns on automatically with the heating of a rear window. In most cars, this useful function does not have a separate button for activation. Although, for example, in you get BMW 328i, it will be possible to turn on the heating of the mirrors by moving their adjustment knob to the appropriate position.

Electronic handbrake

The overwhelming majority of drivers mistakenly believe that the electronic handbrake is useless. In fact, an electronic handbrake can save you while driving if the primary brakes fail. You just need to press a button.
Air conditioning in winter
Sometimes even in winter, it is so humid and warm outside that the windows begin to sweat. If this suddenly happens, just turn on the air conditioner.
This feature does not work on all cars, but if you get BMW 328i, you can try it out. If you press the unlock button on the key fob for a few seconds, you can lower all the side windows at once. The lock button closes them in the same way. This is extremely useful in hot weather when you need to get hot air out of a car.

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