What Do You Need To Check When Hiring A Van


You might need to hire a van, so you should look at different hire companies. There are several reasons why you might need to hire the van in the first place:

1) Moving house and transporting some of your possessions.

2) Packing up belongings to take them to the local tip.

3) Transporting a large number of people to a wedding or a sporting event.

4) Travelling with your family members on holiday.

You should use the same hire company on a regular basis if they provide a high-quality van the first time that you use them.

When you are hiring a van, you need to check the interior, exterior and the driving capabilities. This is going to tell you whether you should sign on the dotted line.

The Interior Of The Van

When you are going through the process of Norwich van hire, check the number of seats to see if there will be enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. Also, you will need to check the amount of space in the boot, because this is going to be useful for storing luggage and your possessions.

The interior also needs to have comfortable seats. You should check the dashboard to make sure that this is working correctly.

  • Once the interior has been inspected, it is time for you to check the exterior.

The Exterior Of The Van

The exterior of the van needs to be check before you can drive it. The windshield and the wingmirrors will be in perfect condition. Also, make sure that the check the state of the tires and of the exhaust pipe.

Check that the doors and the boot open easily. You will be able to see that the indicators are working perfectly.

  • Once the exterior of the van has been fully inspected, you can move onto taking the van for a comprehensive test drive.

The Test Drive

The test drive is crucial when you are in the decision-making process. Don’t skip this if you think that it is unimportant. The test drive is going to give you several clues about how the van operates. You can take your time and you do not have to rush through the test drive.

  • Once the test drive has been completed, you will be able to make the final decision on whether to hire the van.

Check Whether The Hire Company Will Supply A Full Tank Of Free Petrol – most companies are going to fill the hire van up with a full tank of petrol before they hand the keys over to you. Make sure that the tank is going to be completely full before you set off.

Check That You Are Covered – most companies will make sure that you are covered by insurance in the event of a crash occurring.


You can hire a van after you have carried out a full inspection and performed a test drive. This van is going to be useful for a wide variety of journeys.

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