What Should You Do For The Replacement of Your Lost Car Key?


Losing a car key is an unforeseen incident and so is the substantial investment the owner has to make for a replacement. Unlike previously, when one could get a new key made from the locksmith, the modern car keys are difficult to replace. Owing to this, replacing car keys has become all the more expensive.

What you should know for a lost car key replacement

With progressing times, car models are undergoing some significant modifications. Right from the comfort that it provides to the security it offers – everything can now be tailor-made.

However, with all the silver linings, comes some specific hurdles too. The issue with middle and high-end models is that their keys are computer-coded. They are also designed with non-copy-able security measures. Hence, the option to get a less expensive copy of a lost key does not exist anymore.

Instead, here is what you would need to do to replace your lost car key:

Step 1: Jot down the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your car.

Step 2: Make a note of the make and model of your vehicle.

Step 3: Keep registration and ownership papers in hand.

Step 4: Approach a local and reputed locksmith. However, in case the design of your car key seems too complicated, go for the following step.

Alternative Step 4: Approach the dealership for authoritative guidance which would involve standing in a long queue and waiting for them to consider the urgency of your case.

These steps are self-explanatory about the hassles that it involves and the high-end expenditures it would include.

One can bypass all these circumstances with a proper key replacement cover. Additionally, replacing a lost key becomes far more expensive in case of high-end car models. With the right insurance policy, one can expect the coverage of maximum substantial expenditures.

Advantages of insurance for replacement of car keys

In case your car is a high-end one, the costs incurred in duplicating its key even from a local locksmith involves considerable expenses.

These expenses can be managed with the help of a key replacement insurance scheme offered by Bajaj Finserv under their Pocket Insurance Policy. Here are some of its key features:

1.Coverage for the replacement of keys

The policy covers a majority of expenses involved in replacing a lost car key. Additionally, this kind of cover also ensures hassle-free key replacement claim.

2.Reimbursement of rental car

At times, the replacement of a lost car key may take more than 24 hours. Under such inconvenient circumstances, this kind of car insurance scheme also covers the costs involved in case of a rental car availed by the insured.

3.Provides break-in protection

In cases of a car break-in, key replacement cover also cater to the charges required to employ a locksmith for the job at hand.

4.Reimbursement in case one is locked in their vehicle

This pocket insurance (car key replacement) covers the expenses to obtain a locksmith in case the insured finds himself/herself locked in their car in addition to the coverage for key replacement.

Maintaining a car is as expensive as the car key replacement process is concerned. Hence, getting through this smoothly requires an insurance cover which would cover the expenses involved. Availing it would also promote a hassle-free replacement process.

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