What to Do in Case of a Driver Disqualification Charge


Keeping your driving licence with you at all times is very important when you sit behind the wheel of a car. The driving licence is an identification document that confirms your ability to drive a vehicle. The licence should not have expired, and there should be no charges against your licence. You need to be careful when driving on the roads and follow the rules to minimise the chances of causing an offence.

The driver’s licence can be suspended by traffic police and authorities for a variety of reasons. Some of the issues that can lead to a driver disqualification charge include the accumulation of demerit points, or speeding frequently in slow zones. Other issues that can lead to a disqualification include a non-payment of fines that you owe, or a much serious issue, such as a drink driving offence.

What Happens If You Are Disqualified

If your licence has been suspended by the authorities, you will not be allowed to drive on the roads. If you are caught driving with a suspended licence, the repercussions might be even worse. The authorities might levy a “drive while suspended” charge against you, which will be handled in the courts. The court obviously has a number of different penalties that they can levy against a driver for driving during suspension. Some of these include imprisonment for a certain time period, paying a hefty fine, doing community work, or a permanent license cancellation.

Most people think that if they plead guilty in such situations, the court will automatically levy the worst possible penalty. The court still has the power to not cancel your licence and revoke all further actions and penalties that might have been levied against you. However, if you have been charged with a “driving while suspended” offence, it’s highly recommended that you hire driving while suspended lawyers in Perth.

What Will a Lawyer Do?

The lawyer will review your case, and then discuss the circumstances in which the offence was caused. You have to hire an experienced lawyer to assist you with the case if you don’t want to risk the cancellation of your licence. The lawyer will argue your case in court and advise you what you should do to get the lowest possible penalty. While the lawyers will charge a small fee for their services, it is worth it to prevent the suspension of your licence. Hiring a lawyer is the first thing that you should do after receiving a court summons. You have to take this case seriously and make sure that you do not commit such an offence again once the verdict has been reached.


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