Why BMW Owners Are So Faithful to The Brand?


Purchasing an automobile remains one of the most expensive purchases one will make in their life, next to the investment of a new home. A person’s automobile preferences reflect their sense of status, travel wants, and needs. How much value one places on each of these dimensions in car ownership varies, but the feeling they give will either bring the owner back for more or send them away to look into competitors. BMW is a car company that attracts their owners again for another purchase and does this at much higher rates than most car companies.

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The Company

BMW is known across the world for building “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and touts that on t-shirts as such. They are well known for their luxury automobiles that are high in quality, style, feel, and come with comprehensive customer support. It is a combination of these elements that create a feeling of belonging and identity for owners of BMW.

For some, it is more than the automobile itself, but the way BMW does things. BMW is continually trying to push the boundaries with the latest and greatest technology that the field has to offer. The switch to electrically assisted steering and from naturally aspirated engines to turbocharged are some examples of this. Many seek these technologies to own some of that cutting edge and showcase that to others, on top of enjoying their everyday drive to the office.

The Details

Have you ever closed the door of a BMW? There is a satisfying “thud” that leaves you feeling like the car is something out of this world compared to the competition. These are the subtle details that loyalists love about the brand, and that you will find them on just about every model. The most amazing part is that this kind of detail does not end at the doors. Something else that BMW advocates love is how the sound of exterior noise is eliminated the minute that door shuts. Other favorable features include the comfort and power of the steering wheel on the pavement and the way the seats feel and smell. All of this contributes to the signature BMW image that owners come back for.

These are just some of the reasons that over 53% of BMW owners are loyalists and come back to the brand for their next vehicle. Other factors, such as safety and reliability, certainly do not take away from the brand appeal. In fact, BMW has some of the highest safety ratings amongst the automobile kingdom. The 2020 BMW 3 series is a perfect example of this, with top scores across the board for safety.


You will get ten different answers from ten different BMW owners as to why they stick with the brand. However, you can be assured that they all feel that these unique features contribute to their passion for this particular company. The comprehensive customer support and top quality motivate customers to choose BMW over and over again.

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