Why Campervan Hire Is Increasing In Popularity


What are known as camper vans are single-sectioned vehicles furnished with sleeping, sitting and eating room. They both offer ease of transportation and comfort of accommodation. Camper vans are similar to regular sized vans that have been customised with a bed, or they can be larger vehicles created specifically for recreational use. A camper van rental is a type of recreational vehicle, and along with van rental, are exceedingly popular today.

Many camper vans or motorhomes have lounge chairs at the back of the driver’s and passenger’s seats. These are usually fitted with seat belts for use should the vehicle be moving. Because the chairs are in most cases, padded and upholstered just like normal furniture in any home, travelling this way can definitely be comfortable, especially with a large side window to view the scenery.

Some Differences 

Some campervans or motorhomes also have a recess area for eating with two padded benches and a dining table. In some RVs this may double up into a sleeping area by lowering the table onto the benches. In larger motorhomes there is usually a dining table with separate dining chairs, all secured to the floor. Quality airport car hire provide a great range of everything motor home and with a renowned, reliable service to match.

One of the major benefits of great campervan hire in New Zealand is that they provide much more space than smaller ones. A small camper van usually sleeps only one or two people, while larger motorhomes can sleep up to at least four people. Nonetheless, smaller campers naturally offer better petrol mileage and are easier to drive and park than large motorhomes.

Amenities and Compactness

Although larger camper vans have the creature comforts of a home, people must remember that everything is somewhat compact as it is designed for transportation mode. Refrigerators have secure latches on them, ensuring that the contents won’t end up on the floor during any sharp turns. Bathrooms and kitchens are basic but still very functional in motorhomes and there’s also microwave ovens, TV and air con.

  • Many people are opting for convenient airport rentals, which allows for them to have a vehicle waiting for them as they leave a flight.

Sanitation Matters

Motorhomes or camper vans have tanks that contain water and waste. Normally, toilets drain into a black water tank, and water from the shower and kitchen sink will drain into a separate grey water tank. There are variations though, as there are some designs whereas they all drain into a black water tank. The grey and black water tanks are then drained off into the ground through special systems at camp sites.

Now you can see why taking a holiday in one of these vehicles has become so popular! In many cases, people who’ve taken out great campervan and car hire deals, just the once, go back to doing it again when they have their next holiday!

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